October 10, 2016

Providore at SM Aura Premier Taguig

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  • Providore, the newest innovative concept restaurant by the Raintree Restaurants Group located at the ground floor of SM Aura Premiere, will provide everybody a classic throwback to the good ol’ times.


    PROVIDORE is conveniently located at the ground floor of SM Aura Premiere

    Built with a coffee bar, a bistro, essential kitchen provisions and a retail area with local artisanal items, Providore is both a feast in the eye and stomach. The inside of this restaurant will instantly let diners take pleasure in a country and laidback vibe with its wooden fixtures and light atmosphere adorned with dainty crockery and some greenery. Everything you want in an eating place is here!

    There’s also a little corner in the bistro where you can find all local and Filipino-made items which are available for sale. Unique items like homemade soaps, canvas totes, kitchen provisions and other home goods from different local brands are displayed here.


    PROVIDORE supports local


    The menu has all the old time favourites. Food is exactly the way you want it, like your favorite fluffy pancakes, a wide array of cakes and pastries, fried to perfection onion rings, and omelets – all ready to bring wide smiles on your face!

    Check out some of these must-try items on their menu.

    It’s your grandma’s usual dinner rolls except it’s not! Have they deceived you? This one may look like a squad of baked potatoes but it’s really Providore’s own take to the classic meal accompaniment, dinner rolls. Savour these round loaves of bread drenched in garlic parsley butter before anything else.


    Cast Iron Garlic Parsley Dinner Rolls. (P175)


    Want a good break from the usual potato fries favorite? Try their Zucchini Pecorino Fries for some twisted healthy delight!  


    Zucchini Pecorino Fries – malagos pecorino, buttermilk ranch dip, fresh lemon. (P175)

    And here’s some sea special for the big eater, the Seafood & Rice Skillet – fresh prawns, fish, squid in garlic, parsley, and white wine butter, special spice, served with creamy spinach pilaf.


    Seafood & Rice Skillet – fresh prawns, fish, squid in garlic, parsley, white wine butter, special spice, served with creamy spinach pilaf. (P420)

    For the meat lover, try the Steal Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak, U.S beef shortplate, tripe, oxtail, French beans, banana hearts, eggplant, pechay and housemade bagoong (Shrimp paste).


    Steal Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak. P395 

    Saving the best for last, here are some sweet treats for the sugar lovers out there.

    Their milkshakes will surely bring all of you to the yard! Providore offers the creamiest and best milkshake you’ll ever taste. Unlike any other milkshake, Providore’s very fine texture will make you feel like you’re sipping molten ice cream right from the tub. It comes with a refill maybe because they’re quite sure that you’ll ask for more after finishing a glass. With its smooth texture and the right amount of sweetness, Providore’s milkshake can make you come back for more!


    Strawberry Cheesecake. P160 and Dark Chocolate Malt. (P150)


    Wondering why the two straws? It’s a trademark of Raintree Restaurants Group, you should know.


    Maple Bacon Syrup. (P195)

    But wait, there’s more! Game for a little treat? Providore offers all their pastries in 50% off after 7:00 pm, so be sure to drop by their café area after your dinner or shopping shenanigans to score delicious bread for the lowest prices. Also, beer drinkers must watch out for the soon to be open beer garden in the open are of Providore.

    img_9602CAFÉ AREA. Coffee and tea party anyone?

    All in all, Providore is a fresh go-to restaurant that offers not just authentic American and home-style Filipino cuisine – but a full experience that will take you back to the good ol’ days.

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