September 05, 2018

La Vita at Marina Bay: Authentic Italian Traditional Cuisine in Every Bite

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  • Did you know that Italian food, when fused with other ingredients to suit different tastes from different countries, gradually loses its identity? Fortunately, with Chef Maurizio Gibillini at the helm of La Vita at Marina Bay, years of authentic Italian tradition and cuisine is stamped on every plate.

    Chef Maurizio Gibillini hails from Milan, Italy and brings authentic Italian cuisine to the Philippines with La Vita at Marina Bay.

    With the restaurant’s array of main ingredients such as canned tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and pasta imported from Italy, La Vita serves their customers with 100% Italian dishes. La Vita sources other food components locally, such as vegetables, fish, and clams, to guarantee its freshness.

    Upon your visit to La Vita, complete their course meals and try their Carpaccio Di Polipo as your appetizer. With its tender slices of octopus drizzled with olive oil, Italian vinegar, and sprinkled with bits of garlic and chili, the appetizer teases the tongue with small bites of spice, readying your stomach for the next course.

    Carpaccio Di Polipo

    Pizza lovers may also be surprised with La Vita’s Pizza Burrata with its soft, almost doughy fresh cream made of Italian cheese, perched in the middle of their pizza. Best eaten while hot, the cheese is broken in half and is spread on the pizza. Sandwiching the creamy cheese, each slice of the pizza is meant to be eaten by hand according to Chef Gibillini, who charmingly requires it to bring an authentic Italian dining experience to his customers.

    Pizza Burrata

    For pasta, try Chef Gibillini’s homemade Pappardelle Tartufate, laden with a story to tell. According to the Italian chef, every plate of the pasta goes back into the kitchen without a cream left to its name. This has been the reputation of Chef Gibillini’s pasta with porcini mushroom for its cream.

    Pappardelle Tartufate

    Their main course is a joy to share with family or friends as a great helping of sliced U.S. Black Angus Grilled Rib Eye is served with porcini mushroom sauce, with a side of mixed vegetables, and creamy mashed potatoes. The Tagliata Di Manzo Alla Robespierre is one of the dishes La Vita prides itself on for its tender and flavorful ensemble.

    Tagliata Di Manzo Alla Roberspierre

    And while we are at it, be sure to save some room for La Vita’s Pannacotta. It has the right amount of sweetness to finish off a meal but not too much as to give you a toothache. With the saltiness and texture of the nuts complementing the milk cream gelatin, surely the pannacotta is the dessert you won’t want to miss at La Vita.


    Adding to this, the arbiter of taste himself introduced one of the best collection of whiskey in town with Scottish, Irish, and Japanese whiskeys lined up like sentinels overlooking La Vita. With this, the chef also recollected how Europeans meditate on a beautiful bottle of wine after lunch or dinner.

    Wines are often served in Italy and all over Europe after lunch or dinner, according to Chef Gibillini

    Champagnes are also stored and kept cold at La Vita.

    Watch out for more surprises from La Vita as the restaurant continues to brew up special 4-course combo meals worth Php 500 complete with an iced tea. Add a few pesos to this to try the Pannacotta too!

    About Chef Maurizio Gibillini

    Chef Gibillini, with his compelling character, fell in love with the Philippines since his arrival in 1994, going back and forth for three years since then. Food had always sparked his passion and curiosity, more so as their family once had a big bakery in Milan, Italy. Establishing his first restaurant in Boracay, he continued to improve his skills to reach greater heights, driven by his love for food.

    Chef Gibillini introduces La Vita as one of the really few authentic Italian restaurants in Manila.

    Moreover, the Italian Chef argues that food, if he were to be honest, is next to God in Italy. As if to prove this, the Chef related how every port in the boot-shaped country has different ways of cooking soup and utilizing seafood alone. Plus, with years of influence from Austria, France, Germany, and the Arab nations, the Italian gastronomy differs in every direction.

    As Chef Gibillini includes family, food, passion, and love into one amalgamation of elements, the restaurant, with its 110 to 150 seating capacity ideal for gatherings of friends and families, embodies its name well as the chef christens it La Vita or The Life.

    La Vita at Marina Bay has a seating capacity of 120 to 150 people, ideal for family gatherings, assemblies, meetings, and more, as bands also play in their lounge from time to time.

    La Vita, or The Life in English, embodies how Italian food unites family, passion, and love in one landscape.

    For more information, you can visit their website at, their Facebook Page at, or call them at 0917-576-0888 for reservations.

    *Prices to be updated. Subject to 10% service charge
    Written by Chin Sanigan

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