March 07, 2017

Herencia Restaurant, Home of the Pinakbet Pizza

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  • Opened in 2005 as Herencia Café, it was the first restaurant that opened within the small town of Paoay, Ilocos Norte. It is located just across Paoay Church, giving guests great views of the scenic UNESCO World Heritage Site from the comfort of their dinner or lunch table.

    They specialize in Ilocano Pizzas, all priced at P395. Their signature dish is the habit-forming Pinakbet Pizza. They used the ingredients you normally see in pinakbet as toppings for a pizza that is, quite frankly, habit-forming. Make sure you use the shrimp sauce they provide to get that full pinakbet flavor.

    They also have other versions, such as the Ilocandia (topped with Ilocano longganisa instead of pepperoni), Dinuguan (pork blood stew), Chicharon (crispy pork rind), and Gamet (organic nori). The easiest way to get a taste of all of their pizzas is to order their Sampler (P450), which gives you 2 kinds of pizza in one serving.

    Ilocano dishes like pinakbet (P180), longganisa (P190 for 5 pcs), bagnet with KBL (P250), and poqui poqui (P150) are also among the crowd favorites, along with their special crispy dinuguan (P195): a very crispy and delicious take on the classic Filipino dish.

    Their poqui poqui (sometimes spelled poque poque) is a diamond in the rough. Poqui poqui is a simple dish made with grilled eggplant, eggs, tomatoes, and onions, but the taste is something you will keep on coming back to.

    The restaurant has its own WiFi connection and parking conveniently located in front of Paoay Church. For kids, they have Mama Joy’s Fried Chicken as well as your standard spaghetti and pancit.

    You can find Herencia Restaurant along McArthur St., Paoay, and at Rizal Park, Gov R Ablan Ave., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. They are open from 9:30 am – 9:00 pm in both of their branches. For reservations in their Paoay branch, please call 077-614-0214 or 0917-501-9074. For their Laoag branch, you can call 077-600-0040 or 0917-896-5306.

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    Fantastic. Ive requested my family in Laoag to have a nice 2018 New Years dinner here… I only wish I could join them.
    Enjoy you guys! Ronel and Joanne and kids . . .
    Love, Cuzn John
    -Palm Springs, Ca.

    4 months ago
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