October 14, 2017

Il Gallo Nero in Tagaytay: Most Refreshing Spot for Pizzas and Pastas

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  • Il Gallo Nero in Tagaytay: Most Refreshing Spot for Pizzas and Pastas
  • Hidden away inside Alfonso Hotel is Il Gallo Nero, an unpretentious restaurant that serves enjoyable Italian cuisine in a brisk and cheery environment in the outskirts of Tagaytay.

    Outside, all you can see is a grassy field.

    Exuding a true countryside vibe, Il Gallo Nero is a modest dining place with interior brick arches, dark wooden tables, and big windows that let a lot of breeze in. It is a short distance from the highway and within arm’s reach of a vast field of grass, which brings you all the cool breeze unobstructed by towering concretes.

    Here, pizza-loving diners can enjoy delicious pizzas like Pizza Supremo, made with salami, bell pepper, artichokes, capers, and fresh tomatoes on a thin crispy crust, served hot and fresh from the brick oven.

    Pizza Supremo (Php 400)

    Pasta and seafood lovers meanwhile should try Spaghetti Marinara, a plateful of pasta with assorted seafood in white wine sauce.

    Spaghetti Marinara (Php 310)

    Il Gallo Nero is about 20 minutes away from the city center but is worth the drive if the idea of dining amid a breezy and grassy countryside landscape appeals to you.

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