August 04, 2016

Los Indios Bravos

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  • When you say the words los indios bravos in the Philippines, it usually brings to mind the group that Dr. Jose Rizal established in Europe with other Filipino intellectuals to promote national pride. In Boracay, the same words are associated with more than just that group of people: it’s also the name of one of the island’s best restaurants.



    PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY. Los Indios Bravos, or “The Brave Natives, really takes it to its diners with international cuisine and an all-Filipino beer line-up.


    Los Indios Bravos is a gastropub run by the food-loving tandem of Tantan Rosal and Heather Williams. Their kitchen is helmed by Chef Norbert Gandler and Chef Kenneth Cacho, who have come up with a menu to delight your taste buds a hundred times over.



    BOTTLED OR FROM THE TAP, you won’t go wrong with local craft beer. It also helps that you can see their spirits lined up on their walls.

    From the outside, Los Indios is a delight for the eyes. The wood finish of the façade coupled with bamboo shoots on planter’s boxes make it a perfect fit for laid-back Bulabog Beach, one of Boracay’s lesser-known beaches.

    It’s a haven for tourists. Westerners have taken a liking to Los Indios Bravos since they serve international cuisine that you can’t find anywhere else on the island. Two of their best dishes are Sausage and Mash (or bangers and mash to the British) and the intriguing Chicken Tikka Masala.



    SAUSAGE AND MASH. Or bangers and mash, whichever one you’re more comfortable with. At any rate, these sausages won’t last long.


    While no one would usually look twice at sausage and mash (P390), Los Indios’ version is more than enough to entice your appetite. It’s made up of four (yes, FOUR) kinds of sausages served on its own heated platter.

    Take your pick from bratwurst, cheese bockwurst, Hungarian, and the light yet flavorful kielbasa. It’s served with a creamy mashed potato and two dips: curry ketchup and Dijon mustard.



    CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA. This Indian dish is intriguing because of its disputed origins, but the taste is something you can’t dispute.


    Chicken Tikka Masala (P395), on the other hand, is an Indian dish that’s vaguely similar to curry. It’s composed of generous chunks of chicken in a creamy spiced tomato sauce, topped with fried onions and a bit of yogurt.

    It’s served with a bowl of steamed rice, cucumber raita, and tomato chutney. Go for the cucumber raita if you want to tone down the flavor of the tikka masala; if you’re really into how it taste, enhance it with a bit of tomato chutney.


    CUCUMBER MINT SLUSH. Cool down with this delightful and refreshing drink.


    A perfect way to compliment your meal would be with a glass of their cucumber mint slush (P100). This green drink is not only refreshing to look at, but it’s also refreshing to drink.

    Food is great for a gastropub, but no self-respecting pub would be complete without a selection of beer. At Los Indios Bravos, they keep their ties to the tradition by having handcrafted beers at only P190 per serving. These local brews will surely keep you going long into the night.

    You can find Los Indios Bravos along Road 1-A on your way to Bulabog Beach. For reservations, please call 036-288-2803 or send them an email at For updates, visit, or follow them on social media (Los Indios Bravos Boracay on Facebook and @losindiosbravosboracay on Instagram).

    Price range: P190 – P2,600 per dish

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