September 10, 2016

Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House in Alabang: Authentic Chinese

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  • Chinese restaurants may be plentiful in Alabang, with a number of them located at Festival Supermall and at the Alabang Town Center; but the rising business district’s Molito Commercial Complex has yet to house such a restaurant… until you meet Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House.

    WE WELCOME YOU TO AUTHENTIC CHINESE. Chairman Wang’s is the only Chinese restaurant in the Molito Commercial Complex.

     Chairman Wang’s is the only Chinese restaurant in the Molito Commercial Complex. Inspired by the owner’s trips to China, they specialize in serving high-end Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine, with a bit of Japanese thrown in.

    A quick look at their menu sums up what their dishes are: wok dining and lamien or hand-pulled noodles. They pride themselves on giving customers the best and freshest meals, with their noodles only being prepared after the customer orders their meal. 

    ground-floorRUSTIC AND MODERN IN ONE. The restaurant makes you feel like you’re in a family restaurant in China, yet the lights still give you that modern touch. 

    muralAN ODE TO OLD CHINA. This mural, flown all the way from China, depicts how the Chinese lived in a time when they still had emperors. 

    Stepping through the doors of Chairman Wang’s is like being transported to a rustic yet modern Chinese restaurant. Their mural, which depicts how the Chinese lived during the old days, is one of the first things you’ll notice. Paired with their wooden chairs, tables, and Chinese-style lamps, it feels like you’re in one of the restaurants in Beijing. 

    bean-curdTOFU NEVER TASTED THIS GOOD. Their Braised Bean Curd whets your appetite, giving you a taste of things to come. 

    Start your meal with their Braised Bean Curd (Php 150). The lovely combination of sweet and sour will get your appetite going without filling you up. It’s also a healthy way to start your dish, what with using tofu as the main ingredient. 

    prawn-saladHOT PRAWNS AND FRUITS. It’s a rare combination, but a good combination nonetheless. 

    If you’re more a fan of seafood, try their Hot Prawn Salad with assorted fruits (Php 480). The prawns are dipped in a special batter, fried, then served on a bed of assorted fruits (mango, melon, etc.). It’s sweet but not overpowering, and the prawns are cooked to perfection. 

    wagyu-beef-noodlesTHE STAR OF THE SHOW. Its rich, thick stock gives off an earthy flavor, while the hand-pulled noodles has just enough spring to keep you going for days.

     Their best-selling dish is the Wagyu Noodles Soup. For only Php 450, you’ll get a hearty serving of hand-pulled noodles, a rich, thick stock, and slices of Wagyu beef, all made fresh in their kitchen. It’s very earthy, and the stock is close to what you get with ramen. 

    custardCUSTARD, ANYONE? While most people would go for ice cream or a sorbet, Chairman Wang’s best dessert is the Chilled Almond Custard with assorted fruits. The combination of the almond custard with fresh fruits round out the richness of the full meal you just had. 

    A good way to end your meal is with their Chilled Almond Custard with assorted fruits (Php 180). The scent alone is enough to get you going with this dessert. It’s big enough for three, but can be finished by one person. 


    ba-bao-chaWARM OR COLD? You decide. Top: Shanghai Lily, a refreshing blend of fruits and tea from China. Bottom: Ba Bao Cha, or 8 Treasures Tea. It’s made with exactly 8 ingredients (6 dried fruits, chrysanthemum tea, and rock sugar). 

    Need something to wash down all that Chinese goodness? Try their Shanghai Lily (Php 150), a juice filled with fresh fruits from China, or the Chairman’s 8 Treasures Tea (Php 80), which has dried fruits in a cup of chrysanthemum tea. 

    vip-roomFOR A MORE INTIMATE SETTING. Even their VIP room (which can sit anywhere from 12-16 people) is positively Chinese. 

    Full meals are not the only good thing about Chairman Wang’s. If you’re ever in the area, you can set up a meeting in their VIP room upstairs for a consumable amount of only P6,000. You can also reserve the entire restaurant for private functions and other special events.

    You can find Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House at the Molito Lifestyle Building, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For reservations, please call 02-828-8477 or 0923-542-1910. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page (Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House) or follow them on Instagram (@chairmanwangs). They are open from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Sunday – Thursday and extend until 12:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

    This also appears in Volume 121 of Philippine Primer Japanese Magazine.

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