May 01, 2017

Philippine Festivals in May 2017

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  • Expect an exciting month of May ahead as you experience the rich, and old-age tradition of the Filipinos with their various and colorful festivals. Here’s a spotlight on what to expect this month!

    Pahiyas Festival (second week of May)


    Dubbed as the ‘Most Colorful Festival’ in the Philippines’, this much-anticipated festival is held every second month of May to celebrate the bountiful harvest in the towns of Tayabas, Sariaya, Gumaca and Tiaong. If you happen to attend this festival, you’ll get to see the lavishly decorated houses with ‘Kiping’ — a decoration that takes the shapes of the leaves and wafers made from rice paste.

    Tourist may get to experience a gastronomic adventure as there will be a plethora of foods to be displayed in their culinary stalls, including the city’s local delicacies.

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    Pulilan Carabao Festival (14th and 15th of May)

    IMAGE/ Kneeling Carabao Festival Facebook page

    Celebrated every 14th and 15th of May in Bulacan, Pulilan Carabao Fesival is a much-awaited festival to honor their patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. You can witness the Carabaos decorated with garlands.

    The celebration is manifested by hanging all sorts of fruits, candies, food crops and multi-colored ‘kipings’ on bamboo poles.

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    Flores de Mayo (whole month of May)


    Dubbed as “Queen of Philippine Festivals”, Flores de Mayo or Flores de Maria; is a Christian tradition celebrated every month of May as a tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, for the beneficial rain she brings that make flowers bloom after the dry season. It is widely popular in most provinces in the country.

    The usual festivity practice involves children and young women dressed in white carrying flowers and basket of petals in hand, march down the center aisle of the church or chapel, and offer the flowers to the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the altar. Hymns to the Virgin Mary are sung throughout the offering while novena prayers are said before the floral offering.

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    Obando Fertility Rites (May 17-19)

    IMAGE/sanpascualobando Facebook page

    Widely known to Filipinos as the Sayaw sa Obando, it is one of the festivals that perfectly combines the country’s ancient practices with Christian beliefs. The festival is held every May, from the 17th to the 19th.

    During the festival, thousands flock to the town of Obando, Bulacan to witness childless couples from all over the region (and at times, the country) dance in their belief of increasing their chances of child birth. The event’s highlight is when childless couples dance to the tune of Santa Clara Pinung-pino, the traditional music of the festival.

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    Manggahan Festival (May 11-22)


    Have a taste of Guimaras in their upcoming Manggahan Festival on May 11-22, in celebration of the bountiful harvest of Mango in the province. A grand line- up of event awaits local and foreign tourists! From pre- Manggahan events such as Mango Man Triathlon, Basketball, Arnis tournament, Bike Fest, Mango Eating Contest, Cultural Competition, Street dancing, and more for the week- long celebration on May.

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