March 04, 2019

Sizzlin’ Steak Platter Meals: Of Steaks and Good Friends

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    While steaks are usually perceived as something pricey, there’s this affordable steakhouse that will surely make it hard to resist the aroma of sizzling plates. 

    Owned and managed by the Max’s Group, Sizzlin’ Steak boasts an intoxicating aroma of meat being cooked on iron griddles.

    Chicken, Burger and Rib Eye Steak and Beef Belly Rice

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    While Sizzlin’ Steak is known for their individual meat plates, we highly recommend you to get their Platter Meal Set 1 (Php 815), good for three people. It comes with rice, egg drop soup, iced tea, and three kinds of meat.

    With this platter, you could have a taste of their best-seller meats in one go!

    Platter Meal Set 1 (Php 815)

    The Platter Meal Set 1 consists of pork and chicken steak as well as tuna belly steak perfect for that one friend who’s more of a fish-person. If you’d like an individual serving of the three types of meat, you can try their solo meals that definitely have some good amount of serving.

    The classic favorite here is the Chicken Steak (Php 239), a tender and juicy chicken that can stand alone without any side sauce. But here’s a tip: you might want to squeeze that lemon on top of it to add a little more twist on your sizzling grilled chicken!

    Chicken Steak (Php 239)

    Of course, what’s a Sizzlin’ Steak without the ever favorite Burger Steak (Php 239)? This plate has a chewy texture and is definitely rich in flavor as it is served with gravy on the sides.

    Burger Steak (Php 239)

    And then there’s the fancy plate of Rib Eye Steak (Php 635)—a chunk of well-marbled meat loaded with tenderness and seasoning, served with A1 original steak sauce on the sides.

    Rib Eye Steak (Php 635)

    Desserts? Your favorite s’mores comes in a sizzlin’ plate of chocolate fudge and marshmallows! Served with graham crackers, this Sizzlin’ S’mores (Php 135) is indeed the best way to end a delightful and meaty meal!

    Sizzlin’ S’mores (Php 135)

    For fans of Korean plates, Sizzlin’ Steak has a very special offer and it’s only limited till the end of March! Make sure to visit any of their branches and try our their Korean Sizzles—Korean Chicken BBQ (Php 255) and Beef Bulgogi (Php 269).

    You can also add only Php 60 for a Kimchi rice upgrade!

    Korean Sizzles / IMAGE Sizzlin’ Steak’s Facebook page

    Get your steak fix at Sizzlin’ Steaks’ and try out their platters to fully enjoy all meat flavors. Remember, a good steak is best enjoyed with a company of good friends!

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