July 31, 2015

Bagnet Magnet

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    A new restaurant along the busy street of Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road) in Makati City, Bagnet Magnet, serves signature and favorite local cuisines.


    STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE. Inside Bagnet Magnet

    The restaurant is a neat, well-arranged and stylish dining place with local designs and ornaments, ensuring a relaxing and soothing stay for every customer who can enjoy their budget friendly meals. Aside from their bestseller, the bagnet (boiled and deep fried pork belly often served with a vinegar dip), they also serve delicious Executive Meals at a very affordable price to its growing clients and customers mostly office workers and residents. Every Friday, they have a cool acoustic night to add entertainment to its guests who are looking for fun and enjoyable night-outs.

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    FEEL LIKE A BOSS with Bagnet Magnet’s Executive Meals (P130)!

    Most of their customers crave for the deliciously good and tasty specialty Bagnet Pakbet (P130), deep fried crispy pork meat complemented with pakbet, a popular native mixed vegetable recipe that will surely delight your taste buds. Another bestseller is the native soup dish, Sinigang na Krispy Salmon sa Miso (Salmon Tamarind Miso Soup) (P130), a sumptuous and heavenly dish composed of salmon meat and sour broth mixed with vegetables, perfect for lunch and dinner especially during cold weather. Krispy Salmon Belly Kare-Kare (P130), another appetizing and delectable bestseller with a twist since they used salmon instead of the common simmered oxtail meat. The sauce is thick and tasty served with the homemade bagoong (shrimp paste).



    BAGNET MAGNET BESTSELLERS (L-R) Bagnet Pakbet, Sinigang na Krispy Salmon Belly sa Miso and Krispy Salmon Belly Kare-kare

    At the helm of the overall operations is chef and professional photographer Eddie Ivan Santos. Friendly and approachable, he treats all his customers as part of the family and makes his restaurant their second home. They also sell half-cooked bagnet and accept catering services for small groups (at the moment) and deliveries in nearby areas.

    Email Address: eisstudio65@yahoo.com

    Photos and article by Adrian Pempena

  • Midland Mansions, 839 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road), Makati City
  • (+63) 917-625-7552 (+63) 916-563-0888