February 26, 2024

Da Chuan in Makati: Serving Your All-Time-Favorite Sichuan and Hunan Cuisines

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  • Two of the hottest and most popular regional cuisines of China meet at Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant in Poblacion, Makati City, serving your all-time-favorite Sichuan and Hunan cuisines. With two different Chinese chefs at the helm, Da Chuan brings the authentic flavors of the Southwest and South-central China to the table!

    IMAGE from Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant

    Chef Ouyang Haolong, with his mastery of Hunan cuisine, offers a tantalizing selection that emphasizes the traditional deep and rich flavors of the region, combining fresh ingredients with bold spices. Meanwhile, Chef Yu Daochuan, a virtuoso of Sichuan cooking, presents a variety of dishes characterized by the iconic numbing and spicy sensation of the iconic Chinese cuisine.

    IMAGE from Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant

    Together, they create a dining experience that is both harmonious and electrifying, inviting guests to explore the complex flavors and aromatic spices that define Sichuan and Hunan cuisines.

    Popular items on their menu include dishes that highlight the use of fresh and hearty ingredients such as seafood, beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables. For seafood lovers, the Wrapped Lapu-Lapu, Chili & Boiled Mudfish, and the Salt & Pepper Shrimp are just some of the must-tries on their seafood selection.

    IMAGE from Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant

    Those who desire meatier options may opt for the Chili Sauce Beef or Sweet & Sour Pork in Orange Sauce for that mouthwatering spice and lip-smacking sweetness to their dish. Beef and lamb skewers are also available, perfect for your late night cravings.

    IMAGE from Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant

    What’s more is that Da Chuan makes sure that all food servings are good for sharing and fit for events and caterings!

    Enjoy these authentic Chinese dishes in the comfort of their elegantly designed haven, meticulously curated to make you feel as if you are dining beneath the trees, right at the heart of the city.

    IMAGE from Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant

    With ambient lighting and lush pink flowers seemingly hanging from the trees, Da Chuan simply enhances each dining experience both with its creative atmosphere and sumptuous Chinese dishes! Private dining rooms are also available, making celebrations even more memorable with your loved ones.

    IMAGE from Da Chuan Grill and Restaurant

    Explore the flavors and the culinary brilliance of Southwest and South-Central China as Chefs Ouyang Haolong and Yu Daochuan bring their regional expertise to your table.

    General Information

  • Unit R01, Roof Deck Area, Argo 11 Building, 4740 Salamanca Street corner Eduque Street, Poblacion, Makati City
  • 02-8529-9400
  • 0966-336-4970
  • 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.
  • dachuan-restaurant.company.site
  • dachuan.restaurant2020
  • dachuanfood
  • Private Dining Rooms

    • VIP12: Good for 15 to 18 guests

    • T13: Good for 10 to 12 guests

    • T15: Good for 8 to 10 guests

    • T16: Good for 12 to 14 guests

    • T11: Good for 7 to 8 guests

    Note: Rooms T13, T15, and T16 can be combined into one (1) function room
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