October 2020

The New Normal of Health & Beauty: On Being Healthy and Safely Pampered

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  • The New Normal of Health & Beauty: On Being Healthy and Safely Pampered
  • The New Normal of Health & Beauty: On Being Healthy and Safely Pampered

    Taking care of oneself and making sure that one is in an optimal shape have always been personal concerns that people pay attention to the most. And at a time when health is frail against factors that are uncontrollable, being extra mindful of the body is essential. Philippine Primer then provides you a broad viewpoint on things that matter half a year into the lockdown: all things health and, of course, beauty. 

    See where you can cop fashionable protective equipment, premium protective technology, as well as some of the most vital supplements that the body needs; and arm-in-arm find the safety standards employed by various salons in Metro Manila for a pampering experience uncompromising to your well-being.       

    Beauty Salons in Metro Manila

    Under the updated guidelines released by the Philippine government, salons can yet again offer haircuts, hair treatments, nail care, as well as basic facial and personal care services. Addedly, apart from catering to just a limited guest capacity, salons are also encouraged to decline entry to those who have symptoms of colds, cough, and/or difficulty in breathing. Remember to always observe social distancing and to wear your personal protective equipment for a safe and seamless pampering experience!

    Read the full article here.

    Fashionable Protective Outerwear

    As it’s looking like going out sans protective outerwears isn’t possible anytime soon, we might as well learn to live with them for a while for our utmost safety and that of the other people around us.

    It may take a while of getting used to, but switching up the basic face masks and personal protective equipment (PPEs) to the stylish (yet equally effective safeguard) ones might do the thing!

    Read the full article here.

    Brands Offering Innovative Protective Products

    While the present situation isn’t as grim as it was a few months back, there’s no denying that most of us are continuously on the edge about our health and safety. Thanks to the help of technology, though, we can feel a little bit at ease through the protection it offers in place of the still nonexistent vaccine.

    From advanced air conditioners and air purifiers down to highly-innovative paint, you’ll definitely have your eye on one of these products offered by some of the premium brands here in the Philippines.

    Read the full article here.

    Health Supplements

    As the body’s first line of defense against illnesses and infections, the immune system is one that needs utmost care—however much of a work in itself it is. One has to ingest a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and observe proper hygiene among other things. But what tends to be largely overlooked is actually a major factor in keeping the immune system at an optimal state: taking the right immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. 

    Read the full article here.

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