August 07, 2020

LIST: Where to Shop for Fashionable Protective Outerwear

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  • As it’s looking like going out sans protective outerwears isn’t possible anytime soon, we might as well learn to live with them for a while for our utmost safety and that of the other people around us.

    It may take a while of getting used to, but switching up the basic face masks and personal protective equipment (PPEs) to the stylish (yet equally effective safeguard) ones might do the thing!

    Skim through this list and see which among these mostly locally-made protective pieces best fit you.


    UNIQLO’s AIRism Mask not only features a three-layer structure whose filter offers 99% bacterial filtration, but it also cuts off 90% of UV rays with UPF 50+ rating. It is available in colors white and black and is sold for Php 590 per pack of three pieces.

    Protective. Washable. Smooth on the skin. #AIRism Masks are now available at and all stores…

    Uniqlo Philippinesさんの投稿 2020年9月17日木曜日

    According to UNIQLO, this mask can be washed at a maximum of 20 times for ensured protective capability.

    Facebook: Uniqlo Philippines
    Instagram: @uniqlophofficial


    Rags2Riches’ neoprene face masks are put together by local artisans. They come in four different colors, namely maroon, navy blue, gray, and black; each embroidered with fitting floral patterns. Priced at Php 495, one face mask is accompanied by a same-color pouch and three filters.

    Protect yourselves and everyone around you, while also supporting our local artisan communities with these new…

    Rags2Riches, Inc.さんの投稿 2020年7月10日金曜日

    Said filters are made of non-woven fabric and are sold as a bundle of five for Php 75.

    Facebook: Rags2Riches, Inc.
    Instagram: @rags2richesinc

    ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

    The heart of ANTHILL lies on the country’s very own weaves, which is what all of their products are made of—including face masks.

    Their Zero Waste selection includes Full Weave Masks, Colour Block Masks, and Pleated Masks that are available in a wide scope of styles and colorway. While they can be bought for Php 350 each, you can opt for a mix of these for Php 999/3 pieces.

    YES, YOU CAN FINALLY CHOOSE COLOURS!! We’ve curated colour palettes that we feel would be versatile and an easy match to…

    ANTHILL Fabric Galleryさんの投稿 2020年6月23日火曜日

    Moreover, ANTHILL also offers Makulay Masks, a line of full weave masks that is exclusively sold as a set of four for Php 1,499. All of these come with two washable filters.

    Facebook: Anthill Fabric Gallery
    Instagram: @anthillfabric


    A brainchild of Wilson Limon who nurtures an affinity for architecture, NIñOFRANCO features collections that are mostly adorned by geometric frills. The native touch to them is hardly missable as well, as Limon has founded some sort of reverence for the ethnic groups in the country after he reinvented the traditional garment of the Bagobo Tagabawa for his thesis back then.

    From everyday wear to the formal pieces and now to the latest lines of face masks, NIñOFRANCO openly collaborates with different local artists and brands alike hence a diversity in its offerings—all while staying truthful to the essence of the brand.

    The cotton project in collaboration with @manilacollectible These masks are hand woven by the Iranun Weaving Community and made with 100% cotton.check our IG STORY to order!

    NIñOFRANCOさんの投稿 2020年7月20日月曜日

    Facebook: NIñOFRANCO

    Nina Inabel

    Nina Inabel is a brand that embodies not only the weaving community of Ilocos region that molds every fashion piece but also the farming sector that supplies the raw materials. The atelier centralizes on the ‘Abel Iloco’ fabric or more widely regarded as ‘Inabel’, an Ilocano dialect that translates to handwoven.

    While it originally creates everyday wear for women, Nina Inabel has also upped its game during these trying times by offering face masks and fashion PPEs of the same caliber.

    This premium Nina Inabel mask is reversible in a nice waterproof dark gray fabric. It's like getting 2 masks in one. ❤ #ninainabel #fashionablefacemask #washablefacemask

    Nina Inabelさんの投稿 2020年6月29日月曜日

    The said masks are reversible with the insides made out of PPE material, while the latter comes with a matching mask of its own. However, just like most of the brand’s offerings, these come in limited pieces as well so stocks come and go.

    Facebook: Nina Inabel
    Instagram: @ninainabel


    Seamlessly sailing along the ever-changing landscape of the country at the moment, Rafikimono now tailors face masks (apart from their pioneer kimono-kaftan robes) still made out of the textiles sourced all around the world and are created by the local community with which they team up for their kaleidoscopic products.

    These protective pieces are called the Rafikimasks—a collection of easy-to-wear silky face masks with their tieback straps.

    Fresh prints and favorite oldies! Which one suits your fancy? Introducing:Hedera – WineNoble Charm -…

    Rafikimonoさんの投稿 2020年7月2日木曜日

    Some of the styles match with their clothing pieces so you might want to cop a stylish combo for yourself.

    Instagram: @rafikimono

    Also read: Rafikimono Features Globally-Sourced Kimono-Kaftan Robes

    Plains & Prints

    Under Plains & Prints’ Essentials Collection, you can choose from a number of stylish face masks and PPEs.

    The selection of masks is comprised of Mini-Me Mask Sets (Php 598) that come with one adult mask and one for a child as well as the Pamana Mask Set (Php 698/3 pieces) that sports prints inspired by the brand’s Pamana Collection.  

    Which set resonates to you the most? Catch the #NaturallyEssential mask collection, available online at and Shopee.#ItsAMaskHave

    Plains & Printsさんの投稿 2020年6月24日水曜日

    The line of PPEs, meanwhile, is composed of the Raf Around Coat (Php 2,298) with a matching hat and Multipurpose Outerwears (Php 1,398) in colors brown, black, fatigue, navy blue, and maroon.

    Facebook: Plains & Prints
    Instagram: @plainsandprints


    BAYO’s face masks are a part of their WEARe the New Basics Collection, which is made up of clothing pieces like jackets, dresses, and pants that are molded to aid people in going out amid the pandemic with their water repellent fabrics.

    These three-layered face masks are available in two sets containing three different styles: the Malaya Mask Set and the Mayumi Mask Set.

    Preorders for our WEARe New Basics Face Masks are now accepted! Head on to and reserve your set…

    BAYOさんの投稿 2020年6月30日火曜日

    Plus, a mask is given for free for every purchase from said collection!

    Facebook: BAYO
    Instagram: @bayoclothing


    With myriad styles of face masks in its collection, Kamiseta is sure to cater to a large scope of people. These encompass masks that are ruffly, pleated, and oblong-shaped, each made up of different fabrics and embellished with various colors and embroideries.

    New Arrivals: Our WASHABLE FACE MASKS with a tie-back strap and Heart Patch in Old Rose. A very pretty and lovely design for you, #KamisetaGirls! Head on to to shop now! #IWearLocal 🇵🇭 ⁣⁣❤️

    Kamisetaさんの投稿 2020年7月16日木曜日

    Addedly, Kamiseta offers both stylish and medical PPEs as well. While the former covers blouses, blazers, jackets, dresses, and pants whose prices range from Php 545 to Php 2,500, the latter covers just a single style of a coverall suit priced at Php 750 with a variety of colors to choose from.

    Facebook: Kamiseta
    Instagram: @kamisetaph

    Mark Bumgarner 

    The Armor Project by prominent fashion designer Mark Bumgarner brings a bold fashion statement to PPEs. With over-the-top coveralls for men and women that are either a set of a bomber jacket and jogger pants or a jumpsuit in itself, as well as jacket dresses exclusively for women, one can trudge down the outside world protected and with a hint of flair.

    Our Mamba hoodie and joggers set in white, from The Armor Project collection.For inquiries on looks for the New Normal,…

    Mark Bumgarner Manilaさんの投稿 2020年7月24日金曜日

    Facebook: Mark Bumgarner Manila
    Instagram: @markbumgarner

    Madelaine Ongpauco Barlao

    The atelier built from the ground up by restaurateur-turned-fashion designer Madelaine Ongpauco Barlao boasts a collection of gowns and ready-to-wear pieces that exudes such sophistication making it loved by a lot of women. This then flowed through the PPEs that are the newest line of products offered by the brand, which bear chicness atop its effectivity as safeguard clothes.

    Among others, this collection features trench coat dresses, jackets with either matching pants or skirts, and even coordinates that come with a mask and a headband embedded with an ear-save button.

    Just recently, said products have been made available on the shopping platform Shopee.

    Facebook: Madelaine Ongpauco Barlao Atelier
    Instagram: @itsthemongpaucobarlao

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    Photos used in the featured imaged courtesy of NIñOFRANCO and Mark Bumgarner Manila 

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