December 05, 2022

LIST: Trusted Courier Companies in the Philippines

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  • Updated as of Dec 5, 2022.

    Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country, a series of lockdowns have been implemented to help curb the spread of the virus. And as the public is forced to stay at home, online transactions became the safest and most convenient way to do business.

    Today, we’re featuring the most reliable courier companies in the Philippines that will help you deliver stuff here and abroad.

    Suzuyo Whitelands Logistics, Inc

    The Philippine branch of Suzuyo Company & Ltd., Suzuyo Whitelands Logistics, Inc. started off importing and exporting goods in the country in 1995. The company prides itself in its unique tracking system that can monitor import and export shipments in real time.

    The company utilizes its international logistics network in 120 countries and incorporate them with its own support network to provide fast, detailed services and support to its customers’ overseas business with high-quality logistics services. Considering the quantity and lead time, Suzuyo offers optimum transportation modes such as air, sea transportation, and international intermodal transportation service that combines land, sea, and air, and have been evaluated by customers.

    IMAGE from Suzuyo Whitelands Logistics, Inc.

    Suzuyo specializes in cold chain services, having made deliveries to more than 18,000 locations in approximately 6,000 operations, and the company has never had any product or document accidents, maintaining an accident-free operation. Recently, it has also made deliveries to DOH and research institutes, earning the trust of its esteemed customers.

    Phone number: 02-8350-5970
    Facebook: SUZUYOSWL

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    Parcel delivery from Japan to the Philippines is carried out as usually by the sea. They mainly handle packages in special boxes called ‘Balikbayan‘ boxes. However, although there is no change in the transportation process itself, there are some delays due to the sudden closing of the customs office in the Philippines. Aside from Japan and the Philippines, the LBC – TRANSTECH also accommodates other overseas regions and caters to clients all over the world.



    Since the last quarter of 2020, customs inspections have been tightened all over the world, which tends to cause delays for many countries. For more information on the sizes and rates of packages that can be shipped, please click here!

    Phone number: 050-5893-6374 | 1-800-10-8585999
    Facebook: @LBCExpress
    Instagram: lbcexpress

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    IMAGE from DHL

    In Japan, Sagawa Express has been contracted to deliver DHL packages. Delivery of packages from Japan to the Philippines is still ongoing. DHL is also a world-renowned courier that knows how to deliver small to bulk deliveries all over the world.  You can check the type and size of packaging from the official website here.

    Delivery Method

    1. Find a pickup location.
    2. Prepare the bill.
    3. Search for rates and bring your package to the pickup location.
    4. Shipping.

    Phone number:  0120-39-2580 | 02-8883-7900
    Facebook: @DHLexpress
    Instagram: dhlexpress

    Express Mail Service | Philippine Post  Office

    Despite the local community quarantine and lockdowns, deliveries from Japan to the Philippines remain operational. However, deliveries are taking longer than usual due to a decrease in the number of cargo-related flights. Aside from it, EMS and PhilPost have been staple courier through the years by many Filipino to send packages here to abroad and vice versa.

    IMAGE from Philippine Post Office 

    At present, emergency relief supplies are being delivered on a priority basis in the Philippines, so the transportation of general cargo is greatly delayed. In some cases, packages have been stopped at post offices in the Philippines. Check the latest information from time to time as it may be lost.

    The official page of PHLPOST, the Philippine post office, provides information on the post offices that are open for business.

    Phone number: 02-8288-7678
    Facebook: @PHLPost
    Instagram: phlpostofficial


    FedEx continues to make deliveries between Japan and the Philippines, but more and more areas in the Philippines are not able to handle them. In many cases, deliveries have been delayed by a week or more than usual. On the other hand, FedEx is one of the trusted brands whenever you have packages you want to send abroad or make an international purchases.

    You can check the latest delivery time from the official website!

    Phone number: 02-8811-0871
    Facebook: @FedExAPAC
    Instagram: fedex

    Despite the ongoing lockdown, parcels will continue to be delivered in the Philippines. However, since emergency relief supplies such as medical supplies are currently being delivered in the Philippines on a priority basis, the transportation of general parcels will be delayed.  Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from shipping food and other items with a limited shelf life. Also, be cautious about delivering important documents, as they may be lost in transit.

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