January 04, 2023

Himawari Specialty Coffee Finds Another Home at Toyota Santa Rosa

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  • Do you remember that quaint coffee shop in Silang, Cavite run by a certified specialty coffee expert that concocts the best cup of joe from blends of Ethiopian, Indonesian, Brazilian, and Costa Rican coffee beans?

    This charming coffee shop, named after himawari or sunflower, is now at Toyota Santa Rosa with a sunny new ambiance and fresh, light meals to boot!

    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    Finding a new home at the headquarters of Toyota Motor Philippines, Himawari Specialty Coffee now transforms into a full-blown café where you can relax while getting your automotive fixed or while spending time with good friends over a delicious cup of coffee.

    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    Honoring its name, Himawari Specialty Coffee exudes a vibrant and sophisticated appeal with its yellow chairs, wooden tables, and hanging lamps. A few potted plants also lend the café a homey atmosphere, best enjoyed with coffee and Himawari’s new yummy offerings!

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    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    Enjoy Japanese treats like the dorayaki which resembles stacked pancakes with a sumptuous filling inside. Panini, French Toast, and even servings of fried rice are also available, completing the café combo of food, coffee, and good vibes that everyone ultimately loves!

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    So, while waiting for your car appointment at Toyota Santa Rosa, hit two birds with one stone by grabbing some food and drinks at Himawari Specialty Coffee, the perfect coffee place to keep you company.

    For inquiries, contact 0939-439-0000 or visit its Facebook page, Himawari Specialty Coffee, for more details.

    Featured images from Himawari Specialty Coffee

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