August 21, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Coffee at Himawari Specialty Coffee

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  • It’s easy to claim that a cup of coffee is special. Give a coffeholic steaming black brew on a mug and they will be good to go.  Besides, “Coffee is coffee,” and for a caffeine-addict, that alone is enough to ease them into their day. But specialty coffee is a different kind of special, particularly if it’s from Himawari Specialty Coffee in Silang, Cavite!

    Here are five (5) reasons why Himawari’s specialty coffee is simply a must-try!

    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    #1: Coffee Bean Source

    Himawari’s specialty coffee beans come from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the Philippines among others. These countries are among the top 25 coffee-producing countries in the world this 2022, with Brazil leading the coffee race, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization.

    So if you’d like a taste of coffee from different parts of the world, this alone makes Himawari’s specialty coffee a must-try!

    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    #2: Roast, Taste, and Quality

    Himawari’s high-quality specialty coffee beans is roasted lighter, which highlights its natural and diverse flavors. This also makes it ideal for you to try Himawari’s brewed coffee, black, so that you may enjoy it in its most natural taste and aroma.

    More importantly, Himawari prides itself for serving coffee that is not chemically flavored, chemically enhanced, and roasted super dark.

    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    #3: SCA-Approved

    Did you know that coffee can also be rated? According to Himawari, coffee is considered “specialty coffee” only if it gained “a rating of 80 or above in a scale of 100 given by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).” This association aims to support coffee communities around the world “from coffee farmers to baristas and roasters.”

    The next point solidifies Himawari’s rank in the specialty coffee scene!

    #4: Yutaka Shinozaki

    Mr. Yutaka Shinozaki is a certified specialty coffee expert who works at a Japanese-affiliated factory while promoting specialty coffee. But that’s not only why it makes Himawari’s specialty coffee a must-try. Mr. Shinozaki has achieved 100 points in the Coffee Skills Program and is awarded the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Diploma in 2019!

    This makes your coffee in good hands. Literally.

    #5: Green and Sustainable

    Coffee fuels not just the body but also the lifework of people, from the coffee farmers to the consumers. While the farmers make sure they produce high-quality coffee beans, the buyers determine its standard before purchasing the product for consumption.

    Trained roasters will ensure that the coffee flavors are of high quality, and the baristas will brew your favorite cup of coffee to your liking. All these create a sustainable cycle that gives life to a lot of people, including you.

    IMAGE from Himawari Specialty Coffee

    Customers who come to Himawari Specialty Coffee often can purchase coffee beans and have them kept at the store. This way, they can enjoy professionally brewed coffee at a reasonable price as the staff brews it using the beans the customer purchased.

    For those who want to brew and drink coffee at home, Himawari also sells coffee beans and coffee equipment such as drippers and French presses. They also offer training on how to make a good cup of coffee through coffee tasting sessions.

    Himawari Specialty Coffee is located at CVI Bldg., Sitio Muzon, Puting Kahoy, Sta.Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Silang, Cavite and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For inquiries, contact 0939-439-0000 or visit its Facebook page, Himawari Specialty Coffee for more details.

    Featured images from Himawari Specialty Coffee.

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