March 31, 2020

ENDCov App Tracks People Who Should Be Tested for COVID-19

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  • ENDCov App Tracks People Who Should Be Tested for COVID-19
  • With the existing number of untested citizens, cities and provinces may be fighting blindly against COVID-19. In order to help the Department of Health (DOH), graduates of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) have developed ENDCoV, an application that can assess the person’s risk to the disease.

    The team behind ENDCoV launched the app on March 27 and is now available for free download by android users. They aim to maximize the resources of Filipinos knowing that a large population of Filipinos is into mobile phones.

    Through the app, patients are subject to immediate assessment. The app can easily be used—once downloaded, one is required to sign up using some basic information.

    No need to worry about your privacy because, before its release, the app made sure it complies with the Data Privacy Act and Mandatory Disclosure of Notifiable Disease Act of the country. Rest assured your names and information are not to be disclosed to the public once you use the app.

    After filling up the necessary information, the user has to answer a simple survey. The survey follows the same algorithm used by medical practitioners when assessing possible COVID-19 patients in the hospital. The survey is also consistent with the latest surveillance definition of the disease from that of the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Once you are done with the survey, there would be three possible assessment based on your answers: you are either recommended to do a home or self-quarantine, consult a doctor, or should be tested.

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    Since the app was launched recently, the team is still working on some improvements and additional changes. As of now, a heat map and telemedicine are in the works.

    A heat map will indicate areas with high-risk that everyone should avoid, while telemedicine will allow users to have an online consultation with doctors and have a printable e-copy of the triage result that can either be sent directly to hospitals or to the DOH.

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    For IOS users, you can stay tune in the Facebook to know when the app will be available from the App Store. For the meantime, Android users can download the app through Play Store.

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