April 18, 2018

10 foreign travel vloggers who fell in love with the Philippines

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  • You can feel at home even if you’re not in your own country, just like these foreign Travel Vloggers who fell in love with the Philippines during their constant vacations. They have traveled far just to explore the beauty of the Philippines and fulfill their wanderlust desires. Travel Vloggers are people who takes and post videos of their travels while inspiring others to see different places in the world, it can either be done professionally or by passion. Below, we have videos of travel bloggers who have been in and out of the Philippines and continues to testify their love for the country.

    Nas of @nasdaily


    If this video doesn't make you want to visit the Philippines, then I quit. Almost every video I saw about the Philippines was about the islands. That's too shallow and easy. So I wanted to visit this country to make the best video on this country, and I think this is it. You won't see pretty girls on beaches in this video. You will see the real Philippines that I so fell in love with. To show you how generous people are, I lived on $0.00 for a day.To show you how cheap the place can be, we threw a party for an entire village.To shed more light on poverty, we bought a 1,000 burgers to feed people. This is my best video to date made in my favorite country to date. I hope you enjoy watching like I enjoyed making. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook please :)@NasDaily on Instagram too!!

    Nas Dailyさんの投稿 2017年3月7日(火)

    Nas has always loved the Philippines, through his videos he shoots one minute videos of each of this travels and experiences along with himself sharing how the Philippines is truly beautiful. Among his videos, 8 days in the Philippines trended and got the attention of many foreigners and locals as well. It resulted of a video reaction by some netizens and bloggers, Nas continues to posts videos of the Philippines and his other adventures in life.

    YouTube Page: Nas Daily

    Alexander Tikhomirov

    It was just this year when Russian filmmaker Alexander Tikhomirov visited the Philippines with his family. He took captivating photos of  Cebu and Coron, Palawan, during his vacation. A total of  100,000 liked his photos on Instagram. According to him, “The time here was so beautiful; we got lots of beautiful pictures and videos. It’s just amazing, it’s like a paradise.” Indeed, Philippines is worth visiting.

    Instagram page: @sashatikhomirov

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    Kyle Jennermann of Becoming Filipino

    A usual face in the Philippines since he has done some local commercials especially for an instant noodles brand, Canadian Kyle Jennermann, a.k.a. Kulas, has traveled around the Philippines to showcase what the world need to experience as well. Now, he’s in Mindanao, meeting new people and sharing his stories through videos to the world. He has been interviewed for his trips, if you’ll check out her YouTube page, you’ll see that he has been trying out different delicacies in the country.

    YouTube: Kyle Jennermann

    Wil Dasovich 

    A Filipino-American television personality, model, and vlogger, Wil Dasovich has been actively posting videos on his YouTube account, sharing his perceptions of the Philippines.  Aside from that, he has appeared in some local shows such as Pinoy Big Brother, a reality show franchise which aired on ABS-CBN. Dasovich first became famous when he and his father would take videos of themselves talking in bekilingo or gay lingo made popular by Filipino male heterosexuals.

    In his YouTube videos, he has been showcasing the Philippines as the true beauty it is.

    Instagram: @wil_dasovich

    Daniel Marsh

    A native of Ireland, Daniel Marsh started in the Philippines modeling and doing some local shows before he finally decided to start vlogging. He fell in love with the Philippines, and decided to wander and live like a local. Along with his friends, he has been taking videos or their adventures together and compiling it, creating a video montage. Check out his YouTube page to see more of provinces such as Batanes and other cities in the country.

    Youtube: Daniel Marsh

    Celine Elsa of That Nomad Now

    UPDATE: The contest had a very unexpected and disappointing outcome. Our beautiful Filipino community here has proven its strength and sense of solidarity by putting us all the way to the top!Although we were leading in votes and only widening our gap, the company running the contest decided to end the contest 9 days in advance and award the prize to someone else.It looks very much like they didn't believe we could unite so fast and gather so many votes in such a short time, thanks to your help. They completely disregarded our efforts by awarding the prize to another contestant.We might not have officially won the contest. But we won a lot more than that! We now we feel as though we have an entire family that supports us miles away from home. Thank you so much for your continuing support!You were there for us in time of need. Please know, that we'll always be here for you and your beautiful country!We will keep you posted with a new video this weekend!See you soon in the Philippines :)You can also watch our recent video here http://bit.ly/2u2TSLF—Dear lovely people of the Philippines, I’m Celine and this is my boyfriend, Emir. Since we visited the Philippines last year, it has become our favorite country! As travel bloggers, we feel it's our mission to show the world how beautiful your country is and how welcoming and loving Filipinos are.There's just one thing we really need your help with! Please watch the entire video below to learn how you can help us!Click here after you watch the full video: bit.ly/voteforbestjobThank you so much for your help and see you soon in the Philippines 😄

    CELINE ELSAさんの投稿 2017年6月20日(火)

    Celine Elsa describes herself as a Dutch Digital Nomad, entrepreneur and blogger. She travels the world full time with her boyfriend and their little dog. Aside from the Philippines she has been touring around Asia, such as Vietnam. In the video above, Celine said that Philippines is her favorite country. She also described the natives and locals to be welcoming and loving.

    Facebook: Celine Elsa

    Chels Harding

    Travel Vlogger Chels Harding has visited a lot places in the Philippines, including Manila, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido. She couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful beaches in the country. Along with her friend, Chels explored the different caves and the discovered the natural beauty of the Philippines.

    Youtube: Chels Harding

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    As for we4newtons, they have traveled to Boracay and Manila, experiencing the city and the island. Their video about their 12-day trip in the Philippines highlights their shopping and food trips. As they would describe it, “Twelve days of magnificent beaches, friendly people, swimming with whale sharks, great food, cocktails, sunsets, sailing, snorkeling, parasailing and shopping. Best holiday ever.”

    Youtube: we4newtons

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    Lost LeBlanc

    The Philippines takes pride in their breathtaking beaches, like the Manjuyod Sandbar in Dumaguete. The white sand and clear water somewhat replicates Maldives. It is about a 2 hour drive from Dumaguete and a 30 minute boat ride from the pier.  Although it’ll take you some time to travel to this great wonder, it’s definitely worth the trip. Le Blanc who quit his professional job, started to travel the world and showed us just that.

    Youtube: Los LeBlanc


    FinnSnow is adventurous Icelandic American traveling the world. In this video he heads north of Biliran to get a 1 1/2 hour boat ride to Sambawan Islands. He also calls the Philippines as the most beautiful island he have visited by far.  During his stay in Sambawan, he met a few locals and had the whole island for myself. Crisp clear water awaits for everyone and with a small hike you can take pictures of striking views.

    Youtube: FinnSnow

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