September 13, 2017

6 Music Festivals in the PH

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  • Amongst the many things to do in the Philippines is attend local concerts and music festivals. It enables everyone to gather around and watch known bands in the local and international scene. One popular international music festival is Coachella, that takes place in the United States. It’s a yearly music fest that all celebrities, personalities, avid fans, and most everyone who wants to have a good time attend.

    Here in the Philippines, the music scene is booming. There are different companies and event organizers that have been bringing and establishing local music festival. We’ve listed down some music fest that is known in the country for bringing the best of the best foreign and local artists and bands.

    Wanderland Music and Arts Festival

    It is an annual music and arts festival based in the Philippines, Wanderland is a mix of great bands, great people, and great art. International indie bands and homegrown indie acts perform to cater to music lovers in the country. Expats and foreigners also join the event,  Wanderland is one of the premier music and arts festivals in the country. They are known for having different themes every year and partnering with Globe Telecom.

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    GoodVybes Festival

    Blending both foreign and local artist, GoodVybes festival brings the spot to the indie scene. Their line-up composes mostly local bands but famous international bands to perform. Not to be mistaken with Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia. 12 hours non-stop music festival with a 90 minute set of each, groove along the sick beats of the artist.

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    Paradise International Music Festival

    A one-day event filled with both international and local artists coming from a wide array of genres. Paradise International Music Festival started in 2016, bringing famous performers such as Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, Austin Mahone, Afrojack, Rudimental DJ. This year, they have announced that they will have it for next year.


    Fusion Philippine Music Festival

    Fusion Festival is an annual event that features purely local artist in the country. A gathering of the best artist in the country, Fusion is the first and only local music festival. A myriad of OPM stars, this event is also a celebration of the local music. With the advocation to ignite all OPM artist in the country, they are also joined by new comers in the business.

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    Malasimbo Music and Art Festival 

    What makes Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is that they’re always located on the beach, which adds fun to the spectacular performances of different local artists and bands. This event promotes the environment and its sustainability by having their festival outdoors such as grassy areas, beaches and especially on the bottom of Mt. Malasimbo.

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    Bazooka Rocks Festival

    A music festival for people who are into rock music. Bazooka Rocks invites different rock bands to the country while still staying to the true essence of music festival: having fun. People are always excited for this as they have different themes every year, they also invite local musicians. Bazooka Rocks are always held in doors and it is a yearly event.

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