September 27, 2017

Breakfast at Antonio’s in Tagaytay: Satisfying Breakfast Cravings All Day

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  • Breakfast nowadays is not just a meal served when the sun is just about to spread its glow across the morning sky. Whether the sun is in the east or in the west, people may crave for a stimulating meal of pancakes or sunny side up eggs—and Breakfast at Antonio’s knows that.

    The facade of Breakfast at Antonio’s is an arresting sight.

    Recognizing people’s love for breakfast any time of the day, the people behind the widely acclaimed Antonio’s decided to open a restaurant that would specialize in an all-day breakfast menu in Tagaytay.

    The façade of Breakfast at Antonio’s is already an arresting sight, making you want to get inside and find out what it’s in store for you in this black-and-white bungalow. The dominance of white from outside to the inside makes this restaurant look and feel more elegant, vibrant and refreshing. The wooden tables and flooring meanwhile add a rustic and homey vibe to the place.

    For a nice filling breakfast meal, whether you’re having it in the morning or in the afternoon, you should try the chef-recommended and best-selling Eggs Benedict. This beautifully presented breakfast dish is made with toasted English muffins, lightly sauteed ham, and perfectly cooked poached eggs smothered in rich Hollandaise sauce, which gives it a rich and zesty flavor.

    Eggs Benedict (Php 430)

    While the breakfast favorites are available all day, Breakfast at Antonio’s also offers scrumptious lunch specials and other healthy options on their menu. You can try their appetizing and eye-pleasing serving of Roasted Chicken. The chicken is slowly roasted to ensure the tender and juicy meat. It is served with mushroom chardonnay sauce and roasted potato or rice on the side.

    Roasted Chicken (Php 380)

    The best spot in Breakfast at Antonio’s, of course, is a table next to the window where you can have a full view of the Taal lake and volcano through the big windows.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño
    Images courtesy of Breakfast at Antonio’s

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