July 07, 2017

Tarsier Paprika: A romantic restaurant in Bohol

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  • When travelling to Bohol, you should put Tarsier Paprika to one of your must-visit restaurants, because here, you’ll see the side of Bohol that’s truly a hidden paradise.

    ASIAN AND TREASURES SALAD (Php 550). With grilled chicken, caramelized walnuts, fresh mango, water chestnuts, mixed with sesame vinegar dressing.

    Tarsier Paprika is the in-house restaurant of Tarsier Botanika resort. The restaurant is becoming popular because of its overlooking view of the grand Bohol Sea, which serves as a backdrop for a delightful dining perfect for romantic dates.

    Indoor seating

    With a view of the Bohol sea

    Although the restaurant is a bit far from the main roads, it still is worth a visit especially when you want a getaway from the town. Here, you can enjoy a luxury of this sanctuary when you order their appetizing dishes. They serve international cuisine but more with the European and Asian side. Tarsier Paprika is a fine dining place and has gourmet for its concept, which is why they are mostly open only to reservations. They accept walk-in guests too if the place is not yet that crowded.

    GRILLED BBQ BABY BACK RIBS (Php 710). Tender and juicy pork ribs grilled to perfection with a special barbecue sauce, served with pineapple fried rice and buttered seasonal vegetables.

    PRAWN RIDING COW (Php 2,560). US Tenderloin steak topped with grilled prawn and black peppercorn served with mashed potato.

    Chocolate and Mango shake

    Tarsier Paprika is a very private place where you can relax and maintain privacy if you want to just enjoy your sumptuous dining. The place looks very elegant especially at night, where you can have candle-lit dinner to make the mood more romantic. It’s also a good option for business travelers who would want to have some quiet conversations with people.

    Outdoor seating

    It’s best to be seated outdoors because of the view and the atmosphere, but they also have a room if you wish to be seated indoors. While waiting for your order, you can walk along the beach side path by going down the stairs; there, you’ll see the Bohol Sea up close and personal. Some even do their wedding proposals there because of the romantic setting.

    When it comes to their food, Tarsier Paprika makes sure that they offer exquisite food that both locals and foreigners would love to come back to. They have pasta, salads, steaks, and wine for a perfectly luxurious dinner. For the place, Tarsier Paprika is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque restaurants in Bohol, a place you’d surely recommend to others because of their exceptional service, quality food, and unparalleled ambience.

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