July 21, 2018

LIST: Places to Experience Fruit-Picking in the Philippines

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  • Getting rid of the congested environment many are used to would be an ideal vacation for some. For a while, why not escape from the bustling metro and head to the province for a perfect time to relax?

    Gladly, there are still places in the Philippines that are not gentrified. If you’re a nature-lover and you want to experience the provincial life, take advantage of these must-visit farms or plantations we have listed. Give yourself a fun experience of harvesting fruits on your own in these farms around the Philippines!

    Lomboy Farms in La Union

    Established in 1972, Lomboy Farms in La Union is the pioneer grape farm in the Philippines. It humbly started with only 20 grape cuttings procured from Cebu. Later on, it has expanded by not only producing grapes, but also other fruits such as guapples and dragon fruits.

    Pick and pay for your grapes!

    Being an accredited farm tourism site, it is, indeed, a right place to learn about the grape industry in the Philippines. Get to experience a pick-and-pay activity with your friends and family as you visit the farm. For souvenirs, don’t hesitate to buy their post-harvest products such as their own homemade wines and jams.

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    One of the staff maintaining the grapes and guapples farm

    You can enter the farm for only Php 100, while children ages 13 and below are free of charge. The best time for grape-picking is during the summer season, so, make sure to visit Lomboy Farms from the end of March to May.

    Address: 68 MacArthur Highway, Bauang, La Union

    La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

    If you love strawberries, the strawberry plantation of La Trinidad in the province of Benguet should be on your list of places to go to. It is situated about 30 minutes away from Baguio City.

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    Benguet is indeed associated with strawberries

    Picking strawberries, which is recommended during the picking season from November to May, has been considered top activity in the city especially for kids. However, the rates for the strawberry picking vary, depending on the time of the year you visit.

    While you are there, you may buy strawberry products such as ice cream, taho (silken tofu with tapioca), strawberry jam, and even wine.

    Address: La Trinidad, Benguet

    Gapuz Grapes Farm

    Another go-to vineyard in La Union is the Gapuz Grapes Farm. It was in the 1980s when a college student named Danny Gapuz was forced to give up his tuition fee for a grape business. His family then bought their first 100 cuttings, the White Malaga and Black Ribier grapes, from the first generation of grape growers in their hometown.

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    They initiated and opened to public the idea of grape-picking in 2013/ IMAGE Gapuz Grapes Farm’s Facebook page

    Porch rules/ IMAGE Gapuz Grapes Farm’s Facebook page

    Despite previous setbacks, the farm still managed to run, gaining popularity from its marketing efforts and continuous innovation, Operating for more than 30 years, Gapuz Grapes Farm is open for pick-and-pay, boodle fight under the vines, grapes cuttings, seminars/demo, and farm consultation projects.

    Address: Brgy Urayong, MacArthur Highway, Bauang, La Union

    Rock Farm, Sagada

    You may also get to eat your oranges! /IMAGE cordilleranow.com

    Orange groves at Rock Farm/IMAGE cordilleranow.com

    In need of Vitamin C? Head now to Sagada in Mountain Province to pick some oranges. The plantation is situated around the Rock Inn and Cafe, a top restaurant in Sagada. Also, after walking through the farm, you can enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice and pancakes with orange marmalade at Cafe Bodega. The picking season is from November to February.

    Address: Staunton Rd., Batalao, Sagada

    Bangkong Kahoy Valley

    Philippines also has your favorite raspberries. And yes, you may also pick some at Bangkong Kahoy Valley in the highlands of Dolores in Quezon Province. It is located between Mount Banahaw and Mount Cristobal. The fruit is locally called sampinit, known as Philippine Wild Raspberry. The plants start growing fruits as early as December.

    You may also enjoy their jelly, jam, raspberry flavored iced tea, pastries—all made from fresh raspberries.

    Address: Barangay Kabuhayan, Dolores, Quezon Province

    Sampinit is harvested mostly in the Quezon and Laguna areas/IMAGE amommabroad.com

    Raspberries also contains vitamin C/IMAGE amommabroad.com

    Now that you know where to pick fresh fruits you are craving for, get your essentials ready for a priceless farming experience!

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