January 01, 2016

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

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  • Loves strawberries? Experience picking them fresh and all by yourself at La Trinidad Strawberry Farm!

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    This strawberry paradise is filled with sweet and tasty strawberries that you can collect as many as you want. Take note that the strawberry season lasts from December through April and you can enjoy strawberry picking only during this time. For example, strawberries that weigh 1kg cost for P800. The rates for picking can vary but there’s no minimum amount on how much a person can collect. Charges will depend on the weight of strawberries that have been picked.


    Very sweet red strawberries

    Meanwhile, there are also ready-made strawberry varieties available like strawberry jams and wines, sold at affordable prices. The strawberry wine that contains 12 percent alcohol costs P150. Before buying, you can try some of its samples. And if ever you have a tight budget, try to haggle and get the prices down.


    Tasty strawberry Taho can be bought only in Baguio

    Don’t also miss the chance to try the strawberry “taho” made from tofu, tapioca pearls and strawberry sauce that can only be found in Baguio. For souvenirs, the strawberry farm also has some souvenir shops present around the area.

    The La Trinidad Strawberry Farm is a must-go destination when having a trip to Baguio.

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    Wow, those prices are absurdly high. 800 PHP for 1kg of locally produced strawberries in the season and you have to pick them yourself? In Europe now IN WINTER you can buy strawberries imported from AFRICA for ~250 PHP per kg. I really don’t understand why the prices for so many fruits, vegetables but also milk (3 times as much!) and so on are so high in the Philippines, especially with labour costing next to nothing.

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