October 29, 2017

Gapuz Grapes Farms: Grape-picking under the sun

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  • Gapuz Grapes Farm started way back in the 80s. Coming from a poor family, Danny Gapuz decided to give up his college tuition fee to start learning about the grape business. They first bought their first 100 cuttings, the White Malaga and Black Ribier grapes, from the 1st generation of grape growers in their hometown Brgy. Urayong, Bauang, La Union.

    During the 90s, imported fruits came to the market scene, and their hometown shifted from planting grapes to planting other crops such as guapples. However, in 2005 to 2008, they were hit by strong typhoons consecutively that washed out their farm. Losing money from the calamity, the entire family was traumatized. But sometimes, opportunity comes in disguise as problems or temporary defeat.

    In 2011, Gapuz Grapes Farm was created through social media (Facebook page and other platforms) with an aim of finding a better market for locally-produced grapes. After a year they started introducing new concepts or the so called “value addition” such as farm tourism, selling of grape cuttings, dream vineyard project supply, and grapes picking.

    In 2013, they initiated and opened to public the idea of Grape-picking. The farm created a lot of buzz online that it became viral with more than 36,000 likes as of the date.

    From their marketing efforts and continuous innovation, the vineyard community in La Union is now gaining popularity. Operating for more than 30 years, Gapuz Grapes Farm is open for grapes pick and pay, boodle fight under the vines, grapes cuttings, seminars/demo, and farm consultation projects.

    Images courtesy of Gapuz Grapes Farm

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