July 02, 2018

The Miracle Brew: 6 Facts and Myths About Coffee

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  • Few things can ever get people out of bed in the morning and through a rough day at work. In fact, the only thing that probably gets most adults going is a good cup of coffee. Considered by enthusiasts and advocates as liquid gold, this brown and bitter concoction is the lifeline of countless sleepless college students and tired employees.

    Due to its popularity, a number of supposed facts about coffee have sprouted, thanks to coffee drinkers and naysayers alike. If telling fact from fiction has made itself rather difficult, allow us to make it less so.

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    Are Coffee and Donuts a Match Made in Heaven?

    Many will be relieved to know that this well-loved combo is actually backed by science. Caffeine can temporarily play with your taste buds, particularly the adenosine receptors, which are responsible for promoting sleepiness and relaxation. By blocking these, coffee wakes you up but it also decreases your ability to taste sweetness which, ironically, makes you crave for sweetness more.

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    Is Drinking Coffee Beneficial?

    Coffee lovers, rejoice! Numerous studies have found that a regular coffee drinking habit actually has health benefits. One long-term study found that women who drank two to three cups of coffee a day had fewer instances of cognitive impairment. Some studies also showed that drinking black caffeinated coffee can help you live longer.

    Does Coffee Cause Dehydration?

    As a known diuretic, coffee is thought to cause dehydration, thus, it wasn’t part of the 8 glasses of fluids a day reminder. However, new studies show that coffee does not make much of a difference in fluid loss so experts agree sneaking in a few cups would be harmless.

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    Is Coffee a Good Breakfast Substitute?

    Everyone’s been guilty of having coffee on an empty stomach but whatever you do, don’t touch that mug without eating something first. Coffee will jumpstart the production of stomach acids and without food in your stomach, those acids could cause damage to the stomach’s lining which can cause indigestion and heartburn.

    Is There a Perfect Time to Drink Coffee?

    True, and it’s not when you’ve just rolled out of bed. Apparently, the best time for that first cup of joe is an hour after waking up. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is also the alertness hormone and is in one of its three peak levels when you wake up. Consuming coffee while your cortisol levels are high tells your body not to produce too much of the hormone, thereby messing with the body’s circadian rhythm.

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    Are Used Coffee Grounds Good for Plants, Too?

    Numerous gardening blogs swear that spent coffee grounds help create a healthy garden. However, it may be best to just ignore them. While the grounds are full of soil-friendly nutrients, they’re also highly acidic and more importantly, they contain caffeine. Cacao and coffee are two completely different plants that both evolved to have the ability to produce caffeine. The reason? To kill off any plants in the surrounding area. Enjoy your coffee all you want, just don’t share it with your plants.

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