December 12, 2014

Charaptor Charcoal BBQ Bar Makati

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  • Makati is probably the busiest city in the metro. Heavy traffic is inevitable and people are always rushing to work. Even if it is tagged as the business center of the country, Makati is also a popular food destination as it is packed with all kinds of restaurants. Whether fancy, casual or the hole-in-the-wall type, there’s always a new eating place that can be discovered in this city. Just like this humble barbeque buffet restaurant that Primer discovered tucked in the corner of Kamagong and Aranga Street, San Antonio Village.


    What used to be an open lot in front of a gasoline station was turned into a BBQ haven. Charaptor Charcoal Barbeque Bar made a buzz in social media for weeks after its opening last June. The place has already been featured in local TV shows, like “Unang Hirit” (GMA 7) and “Aksyon sa Tanghali” (TV5), for its very budget-friendly Barbecue-All-You-Can offering.


    At Charaptor, customers can enjoy being soaked in a cloud of barbecue smoke as the restaurant uses the traditional charcoal for grilling. It can be described as the BBQ party you’ve always wanted to try, but is too lazy to even light up a charcoal fire.


    There are choices of chicken, pork and beef cuts that are marinated in their signature sauce. Seafood is also available; shrimp, squid, cream dory and tuna are ready for grilling. The children’s favorite food like hotdogs and sausages are available as well. Let them experience grilling their hotdogs-on-a-stick in a safe way. Charaptor also offers ready-cooked finger foods like French fries, cheese sticks, kimchi and siomai.


    Visit Charpator and get that satisfaction of grilling your own pork barbecue and a have really awesome weekend family bonding. All with unlimited rice and bottomless drinks.


    Written by: Beth Javines, contributor

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