January 18, 2024

Nipa Brew Taproom in Makati: A Revolutionary Craft Beer Experience

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  • Nipa Brew Taproom in Makati: A Revolutionary Craft Beer Experience
  • In the heart of Makati City, there is a revolutionary craft beer experience that awaits people who seek a unique blend of local flavors and appreciate the craftsmanship of artisanal brewing. This is where Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse comes into the picture, transforming the traditional beer experience with its innovative approach!

    Image from Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse 

    Starting its journey as a home brewery, Nipa Brew emerged onto the craft beer scene in March 2015, quickly establishing itself with its debut creation, Tropic Haze. This craft beer, characterized by its sweet and hoppy profile with tropical fruit notes and a citrusy bite, reflects the essence of Philippine flavors, climates, and sceneries.

    Tropic Haze / Image from Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse 

    Nipa Brew’s journey didn’t stop there. They expanded their repertoire with offerings like Sun Stoked Blonde Ale and Midnight Blue Porter, capturing the spirit of adventure and the tranquility of beachside retreats.

    Aside from craft beers, they also have alcohol-free offerings like the Fizzo Soda, brewed using real Jasmine tea leaves, combined with the citrusy tones of Calamansi.

    Fizzo Soda / Image from Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse 

    Their diverse selection is not just about the beers but also about finding the perfect food pairings from Umani Bistro. Light, citrusy beers are matched with chicken, seafood, and vegetables, while the richer, nuttier ales are paired with robust flavors like BBQ, sausages, and hearty meats.

    Sizzling Sisig from Umani Bistro / Image from Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse 

    More than a place to enjoy great beer, Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse is also a community hub where beer lovers gather for acoustic nights, and beer appreciation workshops, both virtual and in-person.

    Image from Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse 

    It is a testament to the growing craft beer culture in the Philippines, where every sip tells a story of passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of brewing excellence.

    Featured image from Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse 

    General Information

  • 9639 Kamagong Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City
  • 0917-893-0486
  • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • www.nipabrew.com
  • nipabrew
  • nipabrew
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