April 17, 2015

Costa Brava

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  • A made-to-order cake shop that opens in a confectionery bazaar every weekend on the first floor of Powerplant Mall, under Baker’s Dozen. Costa Brava is a very famous shop, known for its “healthy sugar” which is made from the sap of the palm.


    The most popular item is Caramel Cake. It is delicious even if you just eat the sponge dough because of its texture that is soft with a little moisture. The butter cream of the cake is applied thinly, just to coat the cake and the taste is not that overpowering. For the cake does not use any preservatives, the aftertaste is refreshing.


  • 12 Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati
  • 02-896-1267/02-896-6872