August 15, 2019

Yes Please! at Uptown BGC: Classy Way to Drink and Dine the ’90s Way

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  • Yes Please! at Uptown BGC: Classy Way to Drink and Dine the ’90s Way
  • While most people like partying all night long with loud party songs, some would rather chill at home or hang out at cafes with good ‘ol friends. If you’re torn between wanting to party and just chilling out, Yes Please! at Uptown Bonifacio is going to make you want to go lowkey partying again—although this new hangout spot doesn’t necessarily call itself a nightclub.

    Dive into the Yes Please! universe of neon lights and everything nice

    When the night comes, the lights drop at Yes Please. All that stand out are the neon lights and dim chandeliers faintly spotlighting the vintage-looking velvet sofas, graffiti on concrete walls, and the bar with long rows of hard liquors. The place has an unrestricted and casual atmosphere, almost with an enigmatic feel to it.

    The small entryway to the bar is like a rip in space-time that will take you to a whole new dimension where you can just do as you please with your time as you sip on your cocktail and eat your meal. You are not required to dance. You are not required to dress up. No pressure. No expectations. That’s what the Yes Please! universe is all about.

    the entryway to the bar of marble walls accented with wall displays of figures and paintings 

    the ’90s chill vibe of Yes Please

    Their cocktails are to be taken as seriously as they are made. Their drinks have a strong appeal to the senses, especially the palate, with liquor and flavors purposefully mixed together.

    The Legends of the Hidden Temple is a bourbon-based cocktail made with Wild Turkey 101. It has some zesty sourness brought by the combination of green mango, lime juice, and tamarind concentrate and enhanced by egg white and the tropical flavors of tiki bitters.

    The Legends of the Hidden Temple (Php 320)

    For something on the sweeter side, try the Froyay, a sweet and fruity drink made with rose wine, rose water, mistia grape liqueur, lemon juice, and Sampaguita syrup. The Girl Scout Colada is also a sweet one, with a citrusy finish of plantation white rum, no-pulp fresh pineapple, lime juice, aromatic bitters, coconut orgeat, and marshmallow foam. The marshmallow foam and pineapple are torched for an additional touch of a bittersweet taste. 

    Froyay (Php 350)

    Girl Scout Colada (Php 320)

    On the other hand, the East Coast is a sweet and tangy drink made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, cacao, coffee-infused Campari, and Dolin Rouge. In case you haven’t noticed, the cocktails make a lot of reference to ’80s and ’90s.

    East Coast (Php 320)

    These cocktails can especially be enjoyed with the hearty meals that Yes Please! offers. Many of the cocktails are pretty straightforward, which makes them perfect together with meals because such cocktails help boost your appetite so you can enjoy your dinner more.

    Girl Scout Colada (Php 320); East Coast (Php 320); and Froyay (Php 350)

    If you’re wondering which meal perfectly complements your drink, grab some grub at Yes Please’s food menu. For starters, have some Everything Nice Fries mixed with steak, chorizo, and fried chicken bits topped with, cheese, peppers, garlic sour cream, and salsa verde.

    Everything Nice Fries Php 390

    You can also have the Fried Chicken Thigh that is served with biscuits on the side along with a chicken liver gravy, chili honey, and pimenton (smoked paprika).

    Fried Chicken Thigh Php 280

    For heavier meals, they have the Sisig Chirashi, a meal inspired by a Japanese rice dish. Only, instead of using seafood as toppings on Japanese rice, they used pork cheek and chicken skin mixed with chicken liver aioli, green chili, and furikake.

    Sisig Chirashi (Php 330) 

    If you’re looking for a perfect partner for The Legends of the Hidden Temple drink, get the Bulaklak Kushiyaki—a soft and crunchy appetizer made with pork innard skewers sprinkled with pickled chili and peanuts.

    Bulaklak Kushiyaki (Php 180) 

    A sour drink like East Coast meanwhile can perfectly match a good steak meal like Garlic Steak Rice. This dish is made up of meaty and tender chunks of USDA flat iron over rice mixed with wagyu mince, corn, and soy, and topped with a sunny side up egg.

    Garlic Steak Rice Php 420

    With perfect pairs like these, Yes Please! shows that it is not simply a bar where you can have awesome drinks but also a great place for evening sustenance. Not to mention that DJs also turn the music up every night, wherein club hits of the past decades prevail—just to add more atmosphere to the place.

    It is not difficult to find Yes Please!, although it can leave the directionally-challenged dumbfounded on 38th Street if they don’t look up. Find the black stairs of elevating affirmatives until you arrive at the final step of “YES PLEASE.”

    This is not a speakeasy. There are no secret passcodes. Just turn the knob and enter the Yes Please! universe.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

    General Information

  • 11th Ave. corner 38th St., Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig City
  • 0917-140-7777
  • 6 p.m. - 3 a.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
  • Sunday
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