August 05, 2014

Yakitori One

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  • Yakitori One restaurant is set up in the food court of SM Aura which is at the 4/F.


    The store is like an open-kitchen style wherein you can see how the yakitori is grilled. They only grill the yakitori once it is ordered. 



    Choose from Takoyaki (Octopus balls Php 88), Arabiki (Sausage grits Php 70), Quail Egg Pork Wrap (Php 60), Karaage (Php 60), Chicken Skin (Php 30), Chicken Thighs (Php 60), Cut Steak (Php 60).

    DSC_0859_2They also have a special sauce that is made from Japan. It is usually cooked with the Yakitori rice. You can also add on miso soup (Php 30) or Shouga soup (ginger soup Php 30).


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