December 10, 2015

Casa Italia in BGC offers classic Italian favorites

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  • Casa Italia in BGC offers classic Italian favorites
  • Located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Casa Italia, Singapore’s largest Italian café chain, offers yet another Italian gustatory experience to indulge in the generous servings of their menu staples such as pizza, pastries, and beverages.

    The two-story picturesque store of Casa Italia

    Casa Italia is known for its artisanal gelato, which has captured many customers by the flavorful and mouthwatering ice creams that they serve. The gelatos are made only through natural ingredients, keeping it tastiness at par with the gelatos served in Italy. They serve over 40 flavors such as classic rich chocolate taste, fruit-flavored ones, and other exceptional flavors you may not have tasted yet.

    Get to choose from over 40 unique gelato flavors

    Aside from the gelatos and Italian food, Casa Italia offers coffee as well which is a great pair for their baked goodies. Their special coffee brand “Otto” is made from 100% Arabica beans roasted in Venetian style. This ensures that the cup of coffee they make still has that rich and flavorful taste.

    The café also serves favorite Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. Try their Beef Lasagne (Php 325) and their thin crust Seafood pizza (Php 495).

    Beef Lasagne (Php 325)

    Seafood Pizza (Php 495)

    With regards to the dining ambiance, Casa Italia is a cozy place perfect for those people who want to stay for a little while to have their coffee break. They have a comfortable setting which makes it a place to be when you are in for a relaxed dining experience.

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