April 15, 2017

Yoree: Home of Authentic Korean dishes in Manila

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  • Annyeong! We bet some of you are familiar with Yoree Korean BBQ Restaurant, a diner’s go-to place to fix their Korean cravings!

    With 24 branches already open in Seoul, Yoree Korean BBQ Restaurant, which opened in 2013 here in the Philippines, offers exquisite dishes of chapchae, steamed egg, bibimbap, sundubu, ribs, chicken, and desserts. Most of their ingredients are purchased in Korea, including the beef which is imported and roasted it using charcoal. Yoree also takes pride of their wagyu as it is rich with flavor. Try to order one if you happen to be there!

    The restaurant is always crowded especially during peak hours but you can always call and reserve ahead of time. We recommend a budget of P680 per person to be able to dine comfortably at Yoree. With a modern and tasteful interior of their two branches, the dining experience at Yoree will surely be your new favorite.

    Yoree’s stylish and spacious interior with smokeless grills on every table

    The restaurant named Yoree meaning “to cook.” The restaurant treats diners to a smokeless grill, assuring a gastronomic experience anytime. Yoree has 2 branches here in Manila: one located at The Forum in BGC, Taguig; and another at Molito Lifestyle Complex, Alabang. With a Korean owner, the restaurant does not try to match the taste of the Filipino diners and instead, keeps to the original taste under the scrutiny of a Korean consultant.

    Clockwise from top: enjoy frying Korea-sourced meats on your table like the Samgyeopsal (Php 398), Yangnyeom Galbi (Php 895), and the Kkotsal (Php 848)

    Jeonju Dolsot Bibimbap (Php 398) is a bibimbap in Jeonju style. Made with 15 ingredients in a stone bowl

    Their Classic Samgyeopsal is immersed for 48 hours with pears and onions that makes it sweet without using sugar. The beef they use is high-quality USDA certified goods with moderate fat as seen in their wagyu that has beautiful marbling of a balance of meat and fat. Besides their grilled meat, Yoree offers South Korean cold noodle that is only available through their secret menu.

    Bibim Naengmyeon (Php 298) has long and thin buckwheat noodles served in cold red chili paste topped with julienned cucumber and hard boiled egg

    Nakji Bolkeum (Php 398) is a dish of octopus and stir-fried vegetables in spicy sauce served with Korean wheat noodles

    Yoree’s set of sumptuous Korean food would definitely not disappoint first-time diners. So what are you waiting for?! Visit any of their 2 branches, and enjoy the best of Korea!

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