February 20, 2016

Carousel Creamery

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  • The sweetest way to a dessert-lover’s heart is well, through ice cream. Check out Carousel Creamery’s 101 premium ice cream flavors and more for a satisfying sugar rush!



    SWEET SCOOP. For only P85, you can get a single scoop of the flavor you want.


    Carousel Creamery is a local handcrafted ice cream shop located at Greenhills in San Juan. The dainty dessert shop is famous for its 101 premium flavors you will sure love. Here’s the catch: you will love their unique flavors you never thought would taste great in an ice cream. Have you ever heard of chocolate orange, chicharon and beer, and ginger ice cream? We bet not!



    TELL ME WHAT’S YOUR FLAVOR. Be sure to try Carousel Creamery’s Wasabi, Green Tea, and Red bean offerings.


    Of course, usual ice cream flavors will be there but with an added twist. Cherry Vanilla, Raspberry Chocolate Symphony, and Butter Macadamia are just some of those 101 flavors you should try if you’re a sweets lover. For those who are not a fan of too sweet desserts, no worries as their ice creams have just the right amount of sweetness you’d want your cold dessert to taste.



    HAVE A GREAT DESSERT TIME. Friendly crew will be there to assist you as you dine in here!


    Aside from ice cream, Carousel Creamery also serves coffee, hotdogs, nachos, and shakes. One of their bestsellers is the Espresso Shake, for your refreshment needs. Their caramelized banana split is also worth buying, for the best dessert experience.

    If sharing with your friends, try their CONEundrum, for 10 scoops of any flavor, homemade hot fudge, and caramel sauce, topped with chopped nuts, almond, cherries, wafer sticks, and chips on the side for P850.



    CARAMELIZED BANANA SPLIT. One couldn’t go wrong with bananas so place an order for only P275.


    Carousel Creamery ice creams are all made sure to be pleasing not only to the palate, but also to the eyes. For those who’d like to let their friends know about this dessert shop, you can post it on Instagram right away with their fast WiFi connection.

    With their 101 premium flavors, you should definitely come back to taste the other ‘weird’ but surprisingly good flavors. Who knows, maybe if you suggest a flavor, they’d have it on the menu next time! Have a great dessert-lovin’ here at Carousel Creamery!



    Photo courtesy of: Carousel Creamery Facebook

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