August 18, 2017

Snow Creme in Maginhawa, QC

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  • Sitting amid crowd-drawing restaurants in Teachers Village East, Snow Creme meekly waits for you to finish a surely heavy Maginhawa food trip to cater to your after-meal sweet cravings.

    Even before people in the Philippines became hyped up about patbingsu (Korean shaved ice) or xue hua bing, there was already one cafe in Maginhawa that served them. Snow Creme has been catering to dessert lovers since 2013.

    Snow Creme was inspired by the owners’ trip to Taiwan, exploring the ever-increasing food options in Taipei. They then decided to bring xue hua bing, also known as snow cream in Taiwan, to the tropical country of the Philippines. Finding it perfect for the warm weather, Bryan and Michelle Kho opened a dessert and snack cafe on Maginhawa Street specializing in shaved ice desserts that are as fine as snow and as creamy as ice cream.

    If you like some fruits in your dessert, try the Golden Mango shaved ice. It has a generous serving of sweet and pulpy mango cubes over fine creamy ice, with milk pudding on the side. You can even taste the sweet fruity essence through the ice.

    Golden Mango (Php 130 – medium, Php 180 – large)

    Like a lovely cheesecake hill, the Pink Cheddar is a big serving of shaved ice with cheddar cheese, strawberry syrup drizzle, crushed graham crackers, with milk pudding on the side.

    Pink Cheddar (Php 110 – medium, Php 160 – large)

    Another must-try, especially for chocoholics, is the Chewy Choco Crumble. You’ll love to have the chocolatey ice linger as it slowly melts in your mouth while chewing on the mushy brownies.

    Chewy Choco Crumble (Php 140 – medium, Php 190 – large)

    Besides shaved ice, Snow Creme also serves snacks, coffee, milk tea and a lot more. Snow Creme is a modest place with a homey and chill vibe that will give what you crave for—a good dessert after a heavy meal or a cold cup of comfort after a tiring day.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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