March 16, 2015

Wicked Dogs

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  • BF Homes has always been a hotbed of new and interesting restaurant concepts. One of these is Wicked Dogs – the only specialty hotdog sandwich place in town. This nifty place along Aguirre Avenue had only just opened last week, but they’re already fully operational and serving the best hotdog sandwiches you’ll have the pleasure of eating.


    The floor area of Wicked Dogs may be a little small, but it’s the perfect setting for an intimate hangout with your buddies. The interiors are bright and nicely decorated with a combination of industrial and wooden touches. The furnishings also include quirky doodles, hanging light bulbs, and even a couple of swings you can actually sit on.


    But the best reason for going to Wicked Dogs is their massive hotdog sandwiches. Their basic sandwich offerings taste familiar and delicious, but their specialty hotdog items with a twist are definitely a must-try. Get the Cachorro Quente Completo (P250) – a hefty sausage sandwiched on a french bread bun, topped with buttery mashed potatoes, tomatoes, corn kernels, cheese sauce, potato chips, and black pepper. This hotdog sounds rather strange, but it’s actually a popular Brazilian street food. For those who like a little spice, the Tijuana Bacon Dog (P250) will suit you. It’s a bacon-wrapped frankfurter on a bun, with chili con carne, sriracha, cheese sauce, and a fried egg as garnish. All specialty dogs come with fries.


    They also serve superb ice cream desserts, such as floats and sundaes. They even carry Mochiko ice cream. If you still have space in your belly, try the Vanilla Sundae with caramello. It’s the perfect sweet finish to your Wicked Dogs experience.


    For those who don’t mind indulging, visit Wicked Dogs. It’s the perfect destination for anyone looking for a greasy, cheesy, meaty and satisfying fix.

    Photos and article by Jess Jacutan

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