March 24, 2014

Yushoken, Muntinlupa

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  • Because of Yushoken, Filipinos could finally taste the ramen that has adopted the cooking style and footsteps of ‘Higashi-Ikebukuro Taishoken,’ the legendary pioneer of the ramen craze in Japan.

    This ramen joint is firing up the ramen fever in Manila even more. Yushoken was already visited by numerous Japanese who are originally familiar with this kind of cuisine. They are fond of this restaurant now. For them to maintain its authentic flavours, Yushoken has a Japanese chef that was trained by the successor of Yamagishi-san (aka the ‘Ramen God’).

    Yushoken uses a pork bone soup base for its ramen. This restaurant sticks to homemade noodles to be able to exactly capture the taste of Japan. Yushoken’s ramen is perfect to be eaten with an ice cold beer.


    DSC_0010_2(2) Simmering Pork Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen (P350)

    DSC_0059_3Cold Noodles (P370)

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