March 24, 2014

Chungkiwa (Blue Roof), Makati

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  • If you happen to go to Mabini Street in Malate, you will notice a restaurant with a signboard, bearing its name that is written in Hangeul. Chungkiwa is a new restaurant that you can find on the second and third floor of the white building located on the said street.

    blue roof

    At night, the restaurant is filled with workers, but during lunch, there are almost no customers so it is a perfect place to dine and chat with your friends or your family.

    This restaurant features 8 different appetizers, including Kimchi. Furthermore, compared to other Korean restaurants in Manila, Chungkiwa has an authentic Korean taste and serves dishes with ample volume with affordable prices. You can enjoy this restaurant’s delicious food with only P300.

    Red Miso Soup is the recommended dish in Chungkiwa because of its genuine, homey taste. Also, this is a soup that can match both vegetables and meat.


    Dinner or lunch with friends

    Clean and white wooden furniture

    around P800 per person

    Recommended Menu:
    Japchae (P300)
    Bulgogi (P280)
    Samgyeopsal with Vegetables (P250)





    Store Information

  • 1730 A. Mabini St.,Malate, Manila
  • 02-986-3335
  • Open for 24 hours
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