September 22, 2014

St. Marc Cafe

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  • St. Marc Café is a specialty bakery and patisserie that offers freshly baked bread and pastries, drinks, and desserts.

    St. Marc Café's Façade

    The first ever café opened was in the upscale Ginza, Tokyo in 1993. As of 2014, the brand have managed to establish more than 350 St. Marc Café stores across Japan, of which are all directly-managed.

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    St. Marc Café features a stylish, warm interior that encourages relaxation and friendly conversations. The store concept combines a well-loved, quality “Japanese dessert place” with a premium coffee shop. It is designed to appeal to upper middle to high-end market that enjoy artisanal alternatives, and appreciate brand provenance.

    St. Marc Café's Interior Design 1

    St. Marc Café is best known for its signature product, the Chocolate Croissant, or more commonly known as the Choco Cro. The product is made with more than twenty layers of buttery croissant dough wrapped around a dark chocolate center made from the finest blend of Ghana and Ecuador cocoa beans.

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    St. Marc Café is also known to offer the seasonal variants of its original Choco Cro. This is as to give customers a unique and different kind of experience for the bestselling product. The flavors may come in Matcha (Green Tea),  Marble (Matcha & White) chocolate, and Strawberry.





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