June 02, 2014

Sultan Mediterranean Grill in Salcedo Village

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  • Go through the pita jungle which is Sultan Mediterranean Grill in Salcedo Village to enjoy a selection of pita dips, beef dishes, and shawarma you can’t get enough of.

    A small hidden gem along San Agustin St., the Sultan serves a wide staple of dishes from around the European and Middle Eastern countries since 2010.

    Sitting inside, the white and blue interiors reflect the sun-filled Atlantic ocean reminding us of summer. But truly, the food is what you will be coming back for.

    Served with rice and salad, have some kabab or koobideh of your choice of chicken, beef, lamb, or fish

    On the menu, the starters are mostly comprised of choices of dip for the traditional pita bread. Or start with their Shawarrito (Php 225) which is a fusion of the shawarma and the burrito.

    There is also the shawarma, a Middle Eastern classic with Sultan’s secret blend of seasoning and tenderest meat.

    Then treat yourself to the Sultan’s specialty Braised Lamb Shank (Php 620) which is stewed and braised in a blend of herbs and spices served with buttery rice.

    braised_lambBraised Lamb Shank (Php 620), or the Sultan Mediterranean Grill’s bestseller, is good for two (or one!)

    There is also the traditional Greek dish, Sultan’s Moussaka (Php 225) made with layers of beef, eggplant, and cheese baked into this melt-in-your-mouth dish.

    DSC_8615_2The Sultan’s Moussaka (Php 225) is a big hit for those looking for the perfect savory treat!

    Other Mediterranean dishes that you may expect are also available such as the Chicken Tandoori (Php 245), The Sultan’s Biryani (255), and a special Royal Lamb Rack (Php 580 for 3 pcs; 1,280 for 5 pcs).

    One visit is not enough and surely, you will be coming back for more of this magic where you eat like a Sultan.

    This also appeared in Philippine Primer magazine’s Vol. 35-February 2019 issue.

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