September 05, 2015

Croque Café + Bakery

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  • “Croque” pronounced as “Krohk” is derived from the French Word “croquer” which means crunch. And crunchy delicious food that brings freshness and comfort best describes Croque Café and Bakery. The Café which opened its doors to the public in March 2014 serves healthy and hearty dishes with distinctive European flavor and Filipino scrumptious taste. A fine blend of western and locally-loved culinary colors and tastes that foodies in the business district of Makati and beyond will surely enjoy.

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    At the helm of the operations are the young and passionate Chef Owners Joseph “Paco” Lao and Alexa Alaba (graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts at the prestigious Alain Ducasse Institute and Enderun Colleges), with solid years of experience in culinary and pastry training in the Philippines, USA and France. These two gracious and genial young Chefs carefully designed and developed the entire menu to ensure an unforgettable food experience on every customer’s table.                                                

    The café promotes a very homey and relaxing atmosphere. It is known for its exquisite and charming ambiance and interiors inspired by the family’s travels specifically the Southern France stilted villages feel and laid-back vibe coordinated with cozy long benches, comfortable chairs, texted wooden tables, lovely colorful windows, vibrant hues in the main dining area and function meeting room, adorable interior pieces and displayed souvenir items, artistic illustrations on the chalkboard, soothing background music, an open kitchen giving a little foretaste and glimpse of their specialties, a chiller full of best-seller cakes, and fresh bread shelf good for diners and takeout orders ably handled by a well-mannered, courteous, friendly and ever smiling staff.

    All these elements give every customer an outstanding dining experience in every way. They also accept catering services and are planning to launch the company’s full-service catering arm by end of 2015.

    The Homey and Relaxing Atmosphere Pic 2_re

    Adorable Ornaments and Displayed Souvenir Items Pic 3_re

    The Café is open as early as 7am to provide business and office professionals with some delightful and healthy meals to start their day right and bright. One of the café offerings is the sumptuous and healthy Business Lunch Three-Course Menu (P450) which is a perfect complement to any business meeting and planning as well as for a good food and great time sharing with colleagues and clients in a casual and cozy setting. It is a three-course meal that consists of the starter soup or salad of the day, catch of the day and dessert of the day.

    Soup of the Day - Coconut Pumpkin Soup Pic 4_re

    Soup of the Day: Coconut Pumpkin Soup

    First is the hot, flavorful, and creamy Coconut Pumpkin Soup served in a small pitcher to be poured on a bowl topped with crouton chunk, nuts and alfalfa combined with their fresh and soft homemade bread. The main course is the medium-cooked and delectably good pan-seared tuna or The Catch of the Day with organic quinoa, roasted vegetables in season and citrus vinaigrette. This elegant and simple dish bursts with nutritious flavors and is great to serve during meetings and events. For dessert, customers get treated with a rich 3-Layer Dark Chocolate Cake, a yummy dark chocolate made cake that is a delight in every bite as it is a combo and balance of sweet indulgence and health benefits. The Business Lunch Meal is available on weekdays 11am to 2pm.

    Catch of the Day with Organic Quinoa. Roasted Vegetables in Season and Citrus Vinaigrette Pic 5_re

    Catch of the Day: Organic Quinoa

    Desserts of the Day - 3 Layer Dark Chocolate Cake Pic 6_re

    Desserts of the Day: 3 Layer Dark Chocolate Cake

    Croque Café and Bakery is the answer if you are looking for a quaint one-stop shop in the city with great selections of healthy delectable meals, breads, desserts, coffee and wine – Yes, in all one place!

    Photos and article by Adrian Pempena

  • Ground Floor, 833 Dominion Building, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City
  • (+63) 956 7534 / (+63) 917 795 5432
  • 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (Monday-Saturday)
  • Sunday