April 29, 2018

Old Swiss Inn Restaurant: Home Of Authentic Swiss and Cheese Plates

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  • Craving for a hearty and authentic Swiss food in Makati? Head over to Old Swiss Inn and be delighted with their scrumptious servings.

    Staff will welcome you wearing traditional Swiss uniform.

    Located at the ground floor of Somerset Olympia in Makati, Old Swiss Inn is a restaurant loved by everyone for its Swiss offerings.

    Their European style interior, complemented with wooden furniture brings an impression of the old and raw feel of Switzerland to the customer. Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll see a mosaic grass tile of a country place, for a more authentic vibe. They also hanging mini flags of Switzerland in their exposed ceilings.

    Beautifully carved wooden chairs and vintage light furniture adds charm at Old Swiss Inn

    Old Swiss Inn offers Swiss dishes such as classic fried cheese fondue, cut beef, seafood fondue, and chocolate fondue with pure Swiss chocolate.

    One of the diners’ favorites is the Prawns Thermidore, a prawn dish with a creamy sauce, topped with cheese, and baked, and roasted vegetables and rice on the side.

    Prawns Thermidor (Php 1,980)

    They also have their own version of salad like the Old Swiss Inn Salad (Php 418). They also serve all-time faves like pasta and sandwiches, to fancier fare like corned beef carvings and roasted leg of lamb.

    Old Swiss Inn salad (Php 418)

    They also recently launched its newest menu and we’re crazy over the cheese overload! Their newest menu is inspired by Scamorza cheese from Pinkie’s Farm, a single-origin dairy.

    Bread dipped in Smoked Scamorza Fondue

    Scamorza Cheese is a cousin of mozzarella and it’s made almost the same way, but Scamorza is dry and firmer. Old Swiss Inn introduces Scamorza Cheese from the Pinkie’s Farm, an all-organic, pasteurized, fresh milk that’s smoked in apple wood.

    To start, try their Smoked Scamorza Fondue (Php 1,100), a cheese fondue made from apple-smoked cheese and tomatoes. It’s served with bread or apples on the side.

    Scamorza Fondue (Php 1,100)

    We suggest you try out the apple-cheese dip! Although it may not sound like a perfect combination, the sweetness of the apple balances out the salty taste of the cheese.

    Another perfect starter is the Scamorza Skillet (Php 380). This can be for sharing and for sure, bacon lovers will drool over the melted cheese bursting with bacon bits and cherry tomatoes!

    Scamorza Skillet (Php 380)

    Can’t get enough of cheese? Smoked Scamorza (Php 380) is almost similar to their Swiss Raclette, but it’s smokier and heavier in flavor. It’s served with rye bread on the side.

    Smoked Scamorza (Php 380)

    If you want something more filling, try out the Grilled Scamorza Sandwich with Corned Beef (Php 450). It’s Old Swiss Inn’s version of grilled cheese but this time, it has a smoky cheese inside along with their famous corned beef.

    Grilled Scamorza Sandwich with Corned Beef (Php 450)

    For dessert, get the classic Swiss chocolate Toblerone Double Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 350). It has just the right amount of sweetness as the vanilla flavor balances out the strong flavor of the dark chocolate. Not to mention, that the fudge-like cookie is soft and chewy making it even yummier!

    Toblerone Double Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 350)

    This Mother’s Day, (May 12, 2019), Old Swiss Inn Restaurant will be offering an Unlimited Smoked Scamorza Grill Station (Php 650) and Carving Corned Beef (Php 750)! 

    They will also be launching a deli store and online shop where they will be selling their very own vacuum-sealed Fresh Corned Beef and Gnagi very soon!

    What are you waiting for? Head to Old Swiss Inn Restaurant at Somerset Olympia, Makati City or at the Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites Paco, Manila to try out these mouth-watering cheese plates!

     Last updated: April 29, 2019

    General Information

  • Somerset Olympia Building, along Makati Ave., beside the Peninsula Hotel
  • (02) 818 8251
  • Open 24/7
  • oldswissinn@yahoo.com
  • www.Oldswissinn.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/oldswissinnrestaurant/
  • Ground floor of the Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites, 1030 Belen St., right beside Paco Park
  • (02) 521 3002
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