June 13, 2024

Wagyu Manila in Makati: The Meat Lover’s Paradise You Should Visit

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  • For meat lovers, there’s one word sure to make them whet their appetite: wagyu.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    Highly marbled and delicious, Wagyu is the ultimate treat for carnivores, and there are only a handful of restaurants in Makati that serve this highly-prized cut of beef.

    Along Chino Roces Avenue, a steak house is proving itself to be a cut above the rest–Wagyu Manila. We stopped by to see what all the buzz is about, and its offerings live up to the hype it has generated.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    Just take a look at the marbling that makes its Wagyu so highly praised by foodies around the Metro.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    You know what they say about Wagyu? “Once tasted, never forgotten.”

    Its offerings range from the rare Olive and Matsusaka Wagyu to A5 cuts. These are the good stuff. Starting at Php 19/gram, the Wagyu A5 melts in your mouth with buttery goodness, while Matsusaka Wagyu (starts at Php 30/gram boasts a unique flavor profile, thanks to its marbled fatty meat which is much finer and tastes sweeter compared to other Japanese beef.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    Wagyu purists can’t also go wrong with a serving of its Chef Specials–premium Japanese beef grilled to perfection to balance out the buttery, marbleized meat.

    Aside from choice cow cuts, Wagyu Manila also serves premium pork, sausages, chicken and seafood.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    To those looking for something adventurous, try the restaurant’s offal, seseri (chicken neck), or reba sashimi (raw Wagyu beef). These unusual cuts are grilled and have a soft and chewy texture, with a gamey flavor to boot.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    Wagyu Manila is a great place to hang out with friends and families where you can enjoy premium Wagyu prepared in various ways, sashimi, soups, lunch sets, and more.

    Chahan / IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    To those who want to savor the beefy goodness of this Japanese bbq restaurant at home, they also offer Wagyu sirloin steak (Php 880/100 g) and other premium meat cuts such as those used in sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.

    IMAGE from Wagyu Manila

    Just remember: prices aren’t cheap here, but you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Pure Japanese beef goodness, that is.

    General Information

  • Unit G-A Marvin Building Plaza, 2153 Chino Roces, Makati City
  • (02) 8516 0305
  • 0939-888-3412 / 0945-551-0601
  • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. / 5 p.m. to 10 p.m
  • wagyu.mnlph@gmail.com
  • WagyuManila
  • wagyumanilaph/?hl=en
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