March 19, 2024

Patchimon Ookini in Makati: A Japanese Resto for Solo and Introvert Diners

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  • Patchimon Ookini in Makati: A Japanese Resto for Solo and Introvert Diners
  • Updated as of March 19, 2024.

    Solo diners seeking a unique and peaceful dining experience need look no further than Patchimon Ookini, a Japanese restaurant in Creekside Building, Makati that caters to the discerning tastes of those who seek solace in solo dining.

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    The restaurant’s intimate ambiance, thanks to its solo booths, and minimalist interiors make it an ideal space for those desiring a moment of peace amid the hustle and bustle of Makati.

    IMAGE from Patchimon Ookini Facebook page

    Solo diners at Patchimon Ookini will be delighted by their curated menu that showcases the authenticity of Japanese cuisine. Their expertise shines through each dish—from hearty lunch sets to soul-warming ramen bowls— that ensures patrons will have a delicious journey that reflects the true essence of Japanese flavors.

    Tonkatsu Set / IMAGE from Patchimon Ookini Facebook page

    If you don’t know what to order, we recommend you try Patchimon’s shogayaki set (Php 335). The thinly sliced pork expertly cooked to perfection, absorbing the rich, sweet-savory notes of the soy sauce, sauteed ginger, and onions. Served alongside shredded cabbage, miso soup, pickles, veggies with katsuobushi (bonito flakes), and seasonal fruit, this dish promises a harmonious symphony of flavors that will surely satisfy your hunger.

    Shogayaki Set / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    You should also try Pachimon’s takoyaki (Starts at Php 165/4 pcs). Theirs are drizzled with tanota sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, and sprinkled with katsuobushi, scallions, and aonori (dried green seaweed) that offer a harmonious blend of umami and playful textures. These snacks are available in tako (octopus) or cheese, chili mayo, and mustard mayo flavor.

    Takoyaki / IMAGE from Patchimon Ookini Facebook page

    Attentive staff enhance the dining experience, thanks to their personalized service that caters to the individual preferences and pace of solo diners.

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    They will also open a new branch in the Sky Plaza Building in Makati soon so keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming announcements and details about this new venture!

    So whether you’re a lone explorer, an introvert professional taking a moment of respite, or simply someone who enjoys the intimacy of solo dining, Patchimon Ookini warmly welcomes you to savor its authentic Japanese offerings in an intimate setting.

    General Information

  • Unit 1-2 Penthouse, Creekside Building, Amorsolo Street corner V.A. Rufino Street, Makati
  • 0917-504-4866
  • 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. / 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
  • PatchimonOokini
  • patchimon_ookini
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