December 08, 2017

St. Marc Café in Greenbelt: Experience An Authentic Japanese Cafe in the Metro

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  • St. Marc Café in Greenbelt: Experience An Authentic Japanese Cafe in the Metro
  • Updated October 2, 2019

    Originated in Japan in 1987, St. Marc Café in Greenbelt, Makati City seeks to bring that authentic Japanese experience to the country.

    You may have known St. Marc Café because of its chocolate-filled flaky croissant that’s a hit among cafe goers—the Chococro (Php 55).

    Chococro (Php 55)

    But did you know that they also serve burgers and sandwiches?

    Take their Menchi Katsu Burger (Php 245), for example. This is definitely not your ordinary burger as it’s made with freshly-baked buns, deep-fried ground meat, coleslaw, and cheese, with pickle on top. Don’t forget to pair it with fries!

    Menchi Katsu Burger (Php 245).

    If you don’t like meat, try the White Fish Katsu (Php 245). This is the ideal alternative to their Menchi Katsu Burger and is surely worth every penny.

    White Fish Katsu (Php 245)

    With St. Marc Café’s presence in Southeast Asia, it has then become a staple name in the cafe industry. It prides itself on being a “Japanese dessert place” that offers premium coffee and quality food.

    However, much like their burgers, they also have a variety of other dishes like their Sepia Nero (Php 320), which is their take on squid ink pasta. It has this seafood flavor that has a slightly salty taste.

    Sepia Nero (Php 320)

    They use the same recipe from Japan to preserve its flavors and authenticity—even create their own bread every morning to guarantee freshness.

    The same goes for their sandwiches: they make sure that everything is cooked fresh and tasty. Their Chicken Teriyaki and Vegetables Sandwich (Php 150) has a tasty chicken filling that is complemented by fresh veggies.

    Chicken Teriyaki and Vegetables Sandwich (Php 150)

    Aside from their pastries, you’ll also love their cone desserts and soft-serve ice cream, and of course, their coffee.

    St. Marc Cafe in Greenbelt, Makati

    St. Marc Café has stylish interiors and comfy seats that are perfect for a coffee break. Metro Manila branches are all conducive for work, study, or even casual hangout over their coffee and bread.

    Each St. Marc Café branch offers something you can’t find elsewhere so make sure to try and visit the place for a great Japanese cafe experience!

    How to get here

    • From Ayala Avenue, head northwest towards Paseo de Roxas. Follow along Paseo de Roxas and make a right onto Makati Ave., Turn right onto Greenbelt Parking Access Road. St. Marc Cafe is on the second floor of Greenbelt 3. Mall parking is available.
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