April 22, 2014

Lemoni Café and Restaurant in Boracay: A Zesty Haven for Health Buffs

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  • If you are a health buff looking for a breakfast place on the beautiful island of Boracay, then Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant will surely suit your taste. This sunny restaurant in D’Mall, Station 2 is one of Boracay’s resident go-to places, emanating a bright, thirst-quenching vibe.

    Their inspiration revolves around the ever-zesty citrus fruit, lemon, as seen in their pleasing, garden-like interior design. No wonder the combination of their lemon yellow and moss green walls invites guests into the island’s vibrant breakfast scene!

    Wood accents surely highlight the zesty colors of Lemoni Cafe even more!

    Don’t forget to try Lemoni Cafe’s baked goods as well!

    However, Lemoni Cafe is not only well-loved for its aesthetic. The cafe/restaurant has been well-loved by island-goers since September 2005 for their famous breakfast and hearty lunch offerings, as well as their salads, pasta, mouth-watering pastries, and detox juices!

    For guests looking for fresh and healthy food, you may want to try Lemoni Cafe with their bevy of dishes including their Crispy Bacon Poached Eggs on toast, made slightly tangy and salty with lemon hollandaise.

    Crispy Bacon Poached Eggs on toast (Php 288)

    Their Vietnamese Chicken Salad should also be added to your list of must-tries with its fresh ensemble of young coconut, sprouts, mint, peanuts and a kick of lemon at the middle of your bite.

    Vietnamese Chicken Salad (Php 350)

    For another hearty and healthy offering, try their tender and meaty Swedish Meatballs bursting with flavors, partnered as it is with lemon mashed potatoes, cranberry, and cream sauce.

    Swedish Meatballs (Php 460)

    Lactose-free treats can also be had at Lemoni Cafe, perfect for vegetarians. This includes Lemoni’s Organic Chia with Granola– a vegetarian, lactose-free treat with the added combination of banana, mango, and honey.

    Organic Chia with Granola (Php 300)

    Another treat is their lactose-free Salmon Poke Bowl with savory, sweet, and fresh flavors coming from a combination of mango, cucumber, coriander, and grilled and pickled greens.

    Salmon Poke Bowl (Php 400)

    Don’t forget to save some room for dessert as Lemoni Cafe’s chef and baker, Julia Lervik, serves up the most amazing Molten Lava Cake with its dark, cocoa-tasting chocolate, bursting in your tongue.

    Molten Lava Cake (Php 170)

    Give their Mango Madness a try, with sugary graham to add to the cream’s melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Add the freshness of the mango, and voila! You got yourself a treat!

    Mango Madness (Php 150)

    For health buffs, their “Let’s Detox” juices are gifts to their menu as they include a combination of either Carrot, apple, celery or Red beets, carrot, ginger, apple.

    Their signature crushes, fruit shakes, and lassis, on the other hand, include the Mango, lemon crush, and Mint, pineapple crush.

    Detox Juices and Signature Crushes: (From left to right) Red beets, carrot, ginger, apple (Php 240), Mango, lemon crush (Php 150), Carrot, apple, celery (Php 200), Mint, pineapple crush (Php 130)

    So for a combination of healthy and sumptuous treats for you and your family, then let the sunny Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant be your next food stop in Boracay!  

    How to get here:

    • Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant is located in D’Mall, Station 2.
    • From Caticlan Airport, ride a van going to Caticlan Jetty Port. This will take you to Cagban Jetty Port. From there, ride an e-tricycle going to D’Mall Boracay and walk towards Lemoni Cafe beside SteamPunk.
    • From Kalibo Airport, ride a van or a bus going to Caticlan Jetty Port. From the port, get on a boat to Cagban Jetty Port. Alight at the port and ride an e-tricycle going to D’Mall Boracay and walk towards Lemoni Cafe beside SteamPunk.

    A version of this appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese (Vol. 100) and English (Vol. 13) magazines.
    Written by Chin Sanigan

    General Information

  • Lemoni Café, Stall 117, D’Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
  • 036-288-6781 / 036-288-6782
  • 0998-535-1709 / 0977-857-7155
  • 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • None
  • lemonicafe@yahoo.com.ph
  • www.lemonicafeboracay.com
  • www.facebook.com/Lemonicafe.Boracay
  • @lemonicafe.boracay
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