January 08, 2016

Secret Garden

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  • Eat and relax in this classy Italian restaurant in Baguio!


    The leafy entrance of the hideaway

    Secret Garden is an Italian restaurant that allows customers to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere as it is located a bit farther from the busy main street. It serves popular Italian dishes like pizza and pasta.

    The restaurant’s menu also includes soup, salad, toast, rice dishes, desserts, and a variety of beverages like wines and other hot and cold drinks. Secret Garden also serves thin-crusted pizza and house specialty pasta.

    The recommended Seafood Cream Pasta (P290) tastes creamy and flavorful. Another dish called Quattro Formaggi Pizza (Large P580) has a rich taste of gorgonzola cheese which is perfect to partner with alcoholic drinks or with a drizzle of honey.


    Seafood Cream Pasta


    Quattro Formaggi Pizza

    Secret Garden is a haven for families and friends to spend time together while being surrounded by nature.

  • 34 Patio Street Southdrive Road, Baguio
  • 074 442 04 06
  • 10am-10pm