May 24, 2019

Fat Fook in UPTC Highlights Takeaway Dishes for Working Individuals

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  • Fat Fook in UPTC Highlights Takeaway Dishes for Working Individuals
  • Fat Fook Kitchen opens another branch, and it’s once again located along the northernmost part of Metro Manila.

    The newest branch in UP Town Center particularly caters to working people around the area, so they made sure that they’re offering a customized menu that can be taken on-the-go.

    You may start off your meal with the skewered pan-fried Taiwan Sausage (Php 328) garnished with fresh garlic slivers. Anyone would love the distinct meaty flavor it has.

    Taiwan Sausage (Php 328)

    Best consumed when it’s hot, Pork Xiao Long Bao (Php 168/5 pcs; Php 258/8 pcs) is undoubtedly Fat Fook’s best seller. It’s served with black vinegar and ginger dip that will make it even more savory!

    Pork Xiao Long Bao (Php 168/5 pcs; Php 258/8 pcs)

    The newest dish that you should try is the Spicy Wonton (Php 258), which is a wonton dumpling in a spicy sauce garnished with spring onions. This is especially ideal for the spicy lovers out there!

    Spicy Wonton (Php 258)

    Of course, a Fat Fook meal is incomplete without their famous fried noodles, so better try the Taiwan Style Fried Noodles (Php 228), comprised of pork strips, vegetables, carrots, mushrooms, and celery.

    Taiwan Style Fried Noodles (Php 228)

    Fat Fook’s signature dish though is the Chicken Chop (Php 308), which is a breaded fillet chicken breast deep fried until it’s golden brown. It’s crispy enough to make an impression, and it’s so good to pair with their famous fried rice.

    Chicken Chop (Php 308)

    Another must-try is the Sweet and Sour Pork (Php 268), which is deep-fried battered pork tossed in sweet and sour glaze, garnished with red and green bell pepper and pineapple chunks. It’s more on the sweet side, so it’s a bit different from the sweet and sour you’re used to.

    Sweet and Sour Pork (Php 268)

    You may pair the chicken chop or sweet and sour pork with another best-seller, Taiwan Fried Rice (Php 268), stir-fried to goodness with sausage and scrambled eggs. Seriously, it’s so flavorful that you can even eat it as it is.

    Taiwan Fried Rice (Php 268)

    A side-dish that we highly recommend is the String Beans with Minced Pork (Php 198). The beans are still crunchy, and that’s when you know it’s cooked perfectly.

    String Beans with Minced Pork (Php 198)

    As for desserts, the Shaved Ice Mango and Shaved Ice Chocolate (Php 248 each) should not be missed. Both are very refreshing—will surely remind you of the local halo-halo!

    Shaved Ice Mango and Shaved Ice Chocolate (Php 248 each)

    Finally, the milk tea craze is here to stay so better get your hands on their Dark Chocolate Milk Tea (Php 118), which has a kick of bittersweet taste from the dark chocolate. You may add pearls, nata de coco, coffee jelly, pudding, or grass jelly.

    Dark Chocolate Milk Tea (Php 118)

    If you’ve been to other Fat Fook branches, you’d know the laid-back ambiance makes it the perfect spot for a chill time with your friends. But this one in UPTC is ideal for a lunch out, or maybe an after-work hangout.

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    It also has a takeout counter outside so it lives up to its idea of being takeaway-friendly, especially during lunchtime.

    So if you’re just around the area, better visit Fat Fook to satisfy your Taiwanese cravings!

    Written by Yana Bautista

    General Information

  • UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
  • 02-277-0657
  • Monday to Thursday 11 am to 9 pm / Friday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm
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