April 27, 2015

Amalia’s Home of Fine Spanish Cuisine

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  • For a top restaurant-quality meal with a home-cooked feel, try Amalia’s Home of Fine Spanish Cuisine.

    Whenever you ask someone where he ate his best meal, it wouldn’t be unusual to get an answer of “home”. Indeed, a lot of people consider their homes the best place to eat and their mothers the best cooks. This is especially true for the Jocsons, the family that runs Amalia’s Home of Fine Spanish Cuisine, as it is Amalia Jocson’s delicious cooking that started their foray into the restaurant business.

    In the 1970’s, Chef Amalia and her husband Domingo “Mingoy” Jocson used to own an ice cream parlor and only served paella on the side as a “special of the day” for regular customers. But after a while, the paella got such a following that their ice cream parlor turned into a full-blown Spanish restaurant.



    Ostras con Espinacas


    Amalia’s bestsellers are Ostras con Espinacas (Oysters with Spinach), which uses oysters that they get from Aklan, and Paella Espanola, the classic seafood paella that started it all.



    Paella Espanola


    Nowadays, it’s Amalia and Mingoy’s youngest daughter Vicky and her husband Randy who run the restaurant, and the chefs are Vicky’s aunts so everything is still kept in the family. According to Randy, keeping Amalia’s a family restaurant is just as important as getting fresh ingredients and the finest supplies. He believes that this is the key to ensuring the quality of their food – that each item on the menu is still as delicious as the home-cooked meals they know and love.


    Article by Ida Irigo

    Photos from Amalia’s

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