March 06, 2017

Visit Unakichi in Makati Central Square to Experience the Real Taste of Unagi

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  • Visit Unakichi in Makati Central Square to Experience the Real Taste of Unagi
  • There’s only one place to go if you’re looking for authentic unagi in Metro Manila: Unakichi at Makati Cinema Square.

    Unakichi specializes in serving unagi or eel. Most restaurants that serve unagi in the Philippines have to thaw them out as part of preparation. This takes away some of the taste from the eel, giving it a flavor that doesn’t quite fall within the standards of the Japanese.


    Unajyu Jo or grilled fine eel in unagi sauce with rice (Php 980)

    There are those that have eel shipped from Japan, but that still doesn’t beat something taken fresh from the farm. Mr. Terashima, who is the shop owner, studied at a high-class tempura specialty store in Ginza, acquired full-fledged technology and will show off tempura using refined raw materials here in Manila.

    Unakichi sources their eel directly from Japanese farms. Combine their fresh eel with a special unagi sauce from a 100-year-old unagi restaurant in Tsukiji and put these in the hands of two excellent Japanese chefs and you have the best-tasting unagi in the metro.

    For first-time diners, we recommend getting their Unajyu Jo or grilled fine eel in unagi sauce with rice for only Php 980. You can also get a half-serving of their unagi for only P490 with the Unajyu Shou. If you’re looking to splurge, then get their Unajyu Gokujo or grilled excellent eel with rice for Php 1,580.

    This also appeared in Philippine Primer Japanese Vol. 136
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