June 18, 2016

Kusina ni Enrique

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    Tired of the good ‘ol Filipino cuisine dishes? Why not try it with a twist instead? Kusina ni Enrique, one of the known Filipino cuisine restaurants in the country, offers you more than just the ordinary dish served at home. Here, you’ll be amazed with their delectable selection of food, all made flavorful but out of the ordinary.


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    CRISPY DILIS (P200). Perfect meal for any time of the day, crispy dilis is one favorite Filipino viand.


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    CRISPY PATA (P580). Try this meat dish and you’ll surely love Filipino food in an instant.


    Kusina ni Enrique’s chef is from Visayas, who collects recipes from all over the country and reproduces the taste of these traditional food. They have a lot of bestsellers, making it a favorite place of those who would like to savor the goodness of traditional Filipino food made better with its interesting cooking.

    Kusina ni Enrique offers appetizers, salad and soup, vegetable, main course, and grilled items. All of these dishes are reasonably priced so you wouldn’t have to worry about it! The quality of their food is good and it’s definitely a must-try.

    Aside from its savory offerings, what you should also try is their desserts. They have sweet and mouthful desserts famous in the Philippines, which are a perfect treat to this humid weather.

    Want to taste scrumptious Pinoy dishes? Hop on now to Kusina ni Enrique!

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