September 08, 2016

What to Expect During Philippine Job Fairs

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    Job fair, career fair, career expo – whatever you call it, there’s only one thing people go to this kind of event for: a job. Job fairs are really helpful to those who are actively seeking for a job, especially to fresh graduates who are somewhat clueless about careers, the corporate world and the employment process. If it’s your first time attending such an event, take these friendly reminders with you for a safer and less stressful job hunting experience.

    1. What to expect: Long Lines and Queries


    Image grabbed from this website

    It happens, all the time. The next time you’ll attend a job fair, be ready for long parades of applicants waiting for their turn in line.  

    What to remember: Some job fairs provide pre-registration process through online to minimize the lines during the event proper; make sure you ask around or search the internet for instructions on how to do so. Not only will this save you from wasting so much time at the entrance or registration booth, there’s also a chance you’ll score freebies by registering early!

    1. What to expect: Jam-packed venue


    Image grabbed from this website xn--b1acgqhrcbhlicn8c.xn--p1ai

    Of course there’s the buzzing crowd there! Everyone’s busy with their own agendas and sometimes, even if you arrived early at the venue. The chance of people piling up fast is always as high and as predictable as EDSA’s traffic condition during rush hour. You just can’t dodge this fact; it is always part of the process (and the fun!).

    What to wear: It’s the usual main requirement: you should be properly dressed according to the event. Smart casual or business attire; make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’ll wear. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort over the need to impress or look extra sharp – and you surely don’t want to be caught up in an on-the-spot interview unable to move or think properly because of your skimpy skirt or loose-fitting pants. Besides, who says employers will hire you according to your #OOTD (outfit of the day). Yes, the way you dress is a factor but if you’re in doubt, just save that ensemble for another day and pick a pair you feel. Note: Choose neutral colors like black, white, brown or grey.

    What to bring: Extra-long patience + motivation + physical strength – of course these are the key requirements to your dream career. But talking about the basics, here’s a list of the important things you should never forget to include in your attaché case or envelope.

    • Several copies of your resume or curriculum vitae
    • Portfolio (if applicable)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid ID
    • 2×2 and 1×1 pictures
    • Black ball pen
    • Pocket notebook
    • Paper clip (Just in case)
    1. What to expect: On-the-spot interviews

    Education Career Fair at the Bob Carpenter Center.

    Image grabbed from this website

    Most companies conduct on-the-spot interview during job fairs. We all know that this is one of those moments that makes your heart skip a beat; whether it’s excitement or nerves, you’ll never know. Just be prepared and put on the best face you’ve got for those two words everyone wants to hear: “You’re hired.”

    What to bring: Your answers for possible interview questions + Knowledge about the company + Confidence

    What to remember: Prepare. Practice. Participate. It’s normal to feel nervous, but you should never let it take over. Research about the participating companies and compose your best answers to possible interview questions. Smile, think and sit straight and brave that way to your dream job.

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